Moments in Travel Time
Or more desirous - Time Travel


Made it!! From cricket on the oval at Uni to the
'Real Stuff'

Scotland the Windy 'laddie'!



Here follows some images from the overland 'hippie trail' trek in the 70's We mean early pictures, you should have seen how much colour adjustment we had to do on this scan to restore this faded shot!  

You can take the boy away from the country, but not the countries beer away from the boy. What was wrong with Indian Beer anyway?
On route on the 'hippy trail' sometime lost in the 70's.
Paul learning the intricacies of Afghani gambling.

Europe at Last - is their a golf course around here?? Was this van a good investment!!!!

Paul - ever the diplomat is welcomed by the bouncer into a New Orleans Jazz venue - YES SIR!