Time to spare in Reykjavik?

The capital of this fascinating country and home of one of the oldest parliaments in the world!

Take the opportunity to experience, in one day, some of the unique activities and natural beauty that Iceland has to offer.  In a land where 80% of the population believe in the existence of elves, it would be a mistake not to try out some of the more unusual day tours available from Reykjavik.

Start by immersing yourself in Reykjanes Blue Lagoon, on top of a high-temperature geothermal field.  Filled with therapeutic thermal water rich in minerals and silica clay from far beneath the surface, this spectacular man-made lagoon developed in the rugged lava landscape, allows time to stand still as body and soul are rejuvenated.

Experience a lava tour with a difference – on horseback! Set out to see the youngest country in the world, geologically speaking, from the Ishestar Riding Centre.  These Lava Riding Tour's explore the lava fields surrounding the Mount Helgafell volcano and then into the Kaldársel surrounds or try an adventurous Viking Tour recommended for the medium to experienced rider, exploring the Reykjanes Peninsula with its rough lava fields and reforestation and beautiful Blafjoll Mountains on the horizon.

With more time to spare, take a one hour flight and bus to Vatnajökull, Europe's largest glacier at 840m above sea level. Live dangerously with an adventure tour by skidoo, snowcat or snowmobile and then move onto Jökulsárlón, a glacial lagoon featured in the James Bond movie 'Die Another Day'. Then cruise through one of the most exotic places in Iceland sprinkled with icebergs of all sizes.(Hornafjördur Glacier tour)

Alternatively, discover why American Astronauts chose Iceland as a training ground to prepare them for landing on the moon. Fly to Akureyri then to Godafoss Falls and Lake Myvatn to tour through scenery, which is the result of volcanic eruptions still going on today. With an explosive moonscape of amazing lava formations, sulphur pits, pseudo craters and multi-coloured pools of boiling mud the tour will provide memorable moments not available elsewhere in the world today. (Lake Myvatn Tour)

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