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The climate in Lapland can be extreme, with temperatures as low as -30 degrees centigrade. However, because the air is so clear and dry it will actually feel warmer than you might expect. The amount of daylight can also vary enormously during the winter months, from between four to fourteen hours per day. The weather conditions may result in last minute changes being made whilst on tour. Lapland is also renowned for the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights - a prolonged and strange glow of light in the night sky. This occurs mainly between November–March, but does extend into other months. However, we cannot guarantee that you will see this spectacle during your holiday.


The Sami People of Lapland

Who are we?
Who are the Sami? The Sami are the indigenous people of the north of the Scandinavian peninsula.
Where do the Sami people live? Sami people live in the area stretching from northern Norway to the Kola peninsula in Russia. That region is popularly known as 'Lapland'.
What is the Sami population number? There are several statistics showing average figures of 25,000 Sami living in Norway, 17,000 in Sweden, 4,000 in Finland and 2,000 living in Russia.
Which are the main Sami towns? The Sami was traditionally a nomadic culture. You should look rather look for Sami communities. Some of the most important Sami communities are found near the towns of Rovaniemi and Inari (Finland) Kautokeino and Karasjok (Norway) and Kiruna (Sweden).
The economy of the Sami communities is mainly based on reindeer farming, fishing, hunting and handicraft.

Language and Culture

What do the Sami people speak? There are 10 Sami languages spoken from Norway to Russia, although depending on the country where they live, they can speak Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish or Russian.
The most spoken of the Sami languages counts with some 30,000 speakers. The rest of the Sami languages count in general with less than 500 speakers. The Sami languages belong to the Finno-Ugric family and share the same origin than Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian.
The Sami language has some 400 words for reindeer, and one Sami word has become known worldwide: Tundra.
The Sami religious belief is animistic, believing that everything in nature from animals to minerals have a soul.

About Lapland

Is 'Lapland' a country? Lapland is the name of a region in north Europe that belongs to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.
How does Lapland look like: There are many hills sheltering a rich fauna and flora. There is snow from November to May.
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How is the weather like: Mild in summer with temperatures reaching 20°C and a wonderful snowland in winter with -30°C in the coldest months of the year.

History of the Sami people

- The Sami people settled in the north of the Scandinavian peninsula about 4000 years ago.
- During the Middle Ages the Vikings pushed and drove the Sami up to the northern lands of the Artic circle.
- From the 17th century the kingdoms of Norway and Sweden tried to assimilate the Sami by converting them into Christianity and forbidding their language.
- The creation of national borders and division of the nordic territories between Sweden, Norway and Finland obliged the Sami to adapt to the culture of the country they had to live in.
- The Nordic Sami Council was established in 1956 among the Sami in Finland, Norway and Sweden.
- Although there still remain questions about the Sami's rights for land and natural resources, nowadays the Sami people enjoy official recognition and Sami language and culture courses are taught at several Scandinavian universities.
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