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Denmark is one of the countries in Scandinavia that was dominated by the Vikings from the 700s until 1042. During this time, Denmark was known to be a hardworking and seafaring nation. If you want to learn more about this fascinating culture, a visit to the Viking sites is an essential part of your trip to Denmark.

Here are the top 9 Viking places to visit:

  1. Fyrkat, North Jutland
    The Fyrkat is a large Viking fortress that was built by Harald Bluetooth around 980 AD.

  2. Jelling Stones, Jutland
    Here you can visit two large runic stones. King Gorm erected the first one around 1000 years ago creating the first written mention of Denmark as a nation. The second stone, which was erected by Harald Bluetooth, records the introduction of Christianity to Denmark and the end of the Viking era.

  3. Ladby Ship, Funen
    This amazing attraction in Ladby is the only Viking ship burial site ever found in Denmark.

  4. Lindholm Hoje, North Jutland
    This quiet and peaceful hillside in North Jutland is full of history. It is the largest Viking burial ground in Scandinavia with about 700 graves found here, some dating back as far as the 5th century.

  5. National Museum, Copenhagen
    Why not take a trip to the National Museum in Copenhagen? The museum has a spectacular collection of Viking artefacts from Denmark and Scandinavia. Here you can also see the reproduction of the Jelling stones and the famous Bronze Age Sun Chariot.

  6. Ribes Vikinger, Jutland
    Ribe is the oldest city in Denmark. It is built on the site of an ancient Viking market and has a lot of interesting museums not to be missed.

  7. Ribe Viking Center
    Ribe Viking Center is a recreation of typical Viking life and includes a farm, town and marketplace. At the site, costumed interpreters tend to the animals, build the town and work at Viking-age crafts and they are more then willing to help with any enquiries.

  8. Trelleborg, Sealand
    Trelleborg is an old city with a preserved fortress that was probably built around 980. It is known for the mathematical precision of its construction.

  9. Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde
    The Vikings were masters at protecting their towns and this is shown by the event where a cache of Viking ships was submerged in the fjord beside Roskilde as a trap for would-be invaders plotting to attack the town. These ships can be seen the main hall of this museum along with a lot of other exciting information.

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