Recent comments from a client

What’s with this Japan! Can’t find a fish and chippie anywhere and certainly no pie floaters to be found.

And those trains, twenty minutes between Kyoto and Osaka, not enough time for a proper sit down and a cup of tea. In India it would be a decent two to three hours, time for a chinwag, feet up and a good book read. I could have stayed in Kyoto, done day trips and even gone back for lunch.

These Japanese people, far too polite and helpful and quite good at English. Oh for the good old days of surly Russian waitresses who couldn’t care if you died in front of them for want of service.

The tourists are too well behaved. Where are the boozed out brain-dead bogans swilling beer as they lurch down the street? Or English bother boys or German lager lads.

I tell you, it’s just not on!!

cheers, Patrick

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Ms Mari MIWA

• Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management) - La Trobe University
• Diploma of Travel and Tourism (Wholesale & Retail) - William Angliss Institute of TAFE
• Certificate of Education Support - Integration/Teacher Aide - Monash University

Mari was born and raised in Shizuoka, Japan. She has a passion for
travel and has travelled the breadth of Japan from Hokkaido to
Okinawa and expanded her horizons by venturing overseas to the
UK, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, the USA as well as other Asian
countries. Her passion led to her dream that one day she would be
able to take Japanese people overseas as a tour coordinator. Instead,
she came to Melbourne to study Tourism Management and learn
more about western culture. Mari has recently also been working at a
Catholic primary school. At Passport Travel she now enjoys
organising tours for Australian students to experience her homeland
of Japan. Contact Mari for your group tour plans.