The classic phrases "crossroads of civilisations" and "bridge between Europe and Asia", ring true when talking about Turkey.  Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Crusader and Ottoman cultures have all left their mark.

At the height of the Ottoman Empire the Turks reached the gates of Vienna in the late 1600's. Their present day boundaries date from the 1890's!


Istanbul - or Constantinople as it was known - was made the capital of the then civilised world when the last Roman emperor - Constantine - became a Christian and made this city the centre of the Byzantine church.

We offer a comprehensive service for those wanting to visit this country. We have all worked - and/or - travelled throughout the area. From backpacker to deluxe, within our office someone has done it. Our information resources contain a full range of various operators brochure product and should your interest be with an escorted tour program, we can sit with you and help you decide which is best suited to your wishes.

If, however, you do not want an escorted group tour, we can construct a private program for you as an individual, or with a travelling companion. This program can be a fully inclusive, privately guided program, or one of our practical "infrastructure" programs.


Some travellers want to have a basic framework of land arrangements made in advance, and then choose the finer details when they are actually there. They realise that planning a proportion in advance like this saves time and inconvenience, which in turn saves money. It can also improve your personal travelling security. Also, the fact that we can deal with all levels of accommodation means a program can be designed to suit all budgets. A majority of brochure tour product will not include the 3 & 2 star level accommodation because the people designing the programs have not had personal experience of this level, or have access to a regular supply of "feedback" information from travellers.


Turkey has a diverse range of accommodation from the family operated 'Pension" style through to the "name chains" such as Hilton and Sheraton. In certain areas there are some character buildings used as hotels. We have a selection of properties which we can recommend when planning your itinerary. These hotels are in Istanbul and other touring centres.  For those wanting to experience some architectural splendour then try one of the "OLD ISTANBUL" boutique hotels which are converted 19th century wooden Turkish houses. Furnished in a turn of the century style these hotels are walking distance from the Topkapi Palace and other major sites.

If you want an economical and practical infrastructure program, then we can work with you in constructing an itinerary.


If you want to organise a private tour for your own party or group of friends, we can help you assemble a unique program.

Download some sample itineraries Budget Deluxe
Istanbul and Cappadocia 6 nights Download Download
Istanbul Cappadocia & Ephesus 8 nights Download Download
Istanbul Cappadocia Nemrut Saniurfa 11 nights Download Download

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Due to our local contacts and dealing directly with established partners we can design and operate a unique conference, or incentive group to Turkey.

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This is one of the best ways to visit Western Turkey, the South Coast and the Cappadocia region. Eastern Turkey is a very different area and needs more planning when considering self drive. The Western and Southern regions now have a reasonable road system and although some of the local driving could be considered "exotic", it is reasonably easy to get around. There are no long distance motorways (as in Europe) and with mountainous countryside this can make for some slow sections if stuck behind a local truck! Cars can be collected and returned at most major cities around Turkey. Car Hire Turkey.

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