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Zurich City View

Elegant time-pieces, rich dark chocolate, biking down cobblestone streets which hint at the wealth and refinement of the city, it’s all so clichéd, but if any city is to live up to their stereotype, it’s Zürich.

Consistently voted one of the best cities to live in, Zurich’s opulence wraps around the River Limmat and Sihl with Zurich Lake grounding the city, and views of the Swiss Alps glimpsed far off in the distance.

Zurich City View

The best way for travellers to see the city is to hire a bike for the day.  These can be rented daily, and conveniently returned at several locations around the city.  Wander the old neighbourhoods or ride along the river, and if you get lost, don’t be shy in asking those around you where the nearest bike rental shop is – just remember, the local dialect is a German variation.

For architecture buffs, this Swiss city is a blessed haven, with Romanesque and Gothic structures scattered throughout, with key sights like the Grossmünster and Fraumünster churches on the to-do list.

Zurich City View

Food and wine must be experienced when in Zurich, and chocolate lovers will greatly appreciate the amount and variety that is to be found in the local supermarket.  Or for a real treat, visit the Lindt factory for discounts of up to 50% on freshly made chocolates.

Coffee buffs won’t be disappointed either, with a smattering of coffee shops around the city, pop in for a fresh brew.  For something extra special, drop by the Sprüngli shop, with the connecting restaurant, and order its signature Luxemburgerli, similar to a macaroon but made with pastry and cream.


Travellers wanting to come home with a watch should check out some of the amazing workmanship available, but buyer beware, very cheap options may not be locally made, and the difference between “Swiss-made” and “Swiss-design” should be duly noted.

For first time visitors a cruise along the river or on the lake should be contemplated, and a whole host of water activities can be found.  Water-skiing on Lake Zürich anyone?

Those with a little more time should explore the surrounding regions, and a visit to Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest waterfall, takes you past some amazing sites. Hire your own car and drive around the countryside, or go wild and do a helicopter tour of the surrounds.

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