What, who, where you say??

The historical old city of Schwerin has much to interest a visitor. Prime amongst its attractions is the Castle, and what a castle! Whilst the building itself has taken on a bit of 17th and 19th century 'modernization' its position on an island within an inland lake indicates its strategic past!

The city itself was not bombed during WW2 and for those of you that have been to Germany and know some of its history this is a remarkable fact. Although all cities in Germany rebuilt, and most to original character, those that did not suffer bombing have that certain architectual integrity and Schwerin is such.

Situated in what was East Germany Schwerin is east of Hamburg and fits in well with touring of the Hansiatic Ports.

Schwerin Castle
Until 1160, a Slavic border fortress, then a German island-fortress built by Henry the Lionheart for the Counts of Schwerin. From the 14th century to 1918, Schwerin castle served as the residence of the Dukes and Arch-Dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Construction for the castle began in the 14th century. Between 1843 and 1857 the castle was refashioned to include the Renaissance constructions of the 16th and early 17th centuries, and remains in this style today.

Since 1990 it has been home of the State parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Schwerin Castle (Mecklenburg-Lower Pomerania)

Special features:
-Summer theatre in the castle courtyard (June and July)
-Restaurant-cafe in the former "Kings Chamber" hall
-Tours of the partially reconstructed gardens
Visits to the Castle Museum Living, business and State Apartments, with 16th-19th century art and 18th-20th century European porcelain.

Visiting times:
Apr 15 - Oct 14; 10 am-6pm (closed Mondays)
Oct 15 - Apr 14; 10 am-5pm (closed Mondays).

Cycle touring:
Just ask at your hotel for the nearest hire point and then peddle off to explore. Easy to get around and not great distances.

Helpful Sites...

Whilst this site is in German you can access some maps. If you do a search on google with - schwerin+city - and then take the 'translate' option you will get an German version of English which can be understood if you don't read German.

Crowne Plaza Schwerin City Centre Hotel
A well located hotel next to the railway station.

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