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  We live here, travel and enjoy what Australia has to offer. We can help you design and book an itinerary best suited to your budget and time frame.

Whilst there is already a wide range of material on offer via the web, we can put this in perspective and either improve upon what is offered, or ensure what is offered is in fact what you get!
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Firstly put Australia into perspective

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Hotels and Motels

Georgian B&B Tasmania

In Richmond Tasmania a unique traditional hosted Bed and Breakfast accommodation, Mrs. Curries B & B is a heritage listed property c 1820's, built in Georgian style located in the heart of the Richmond historic village. 200 metres to Australia's oldest bridge (1823) Richmond Gaol (1825) craft shops and cafes.

Australian Farm Station Stay & Eco Tours

Genuine 1911 farm Cottage adjacent to high-quality Australian bush within an historic pastoral property. Ideal destination for a country retreat close to renowned tourist attractions.
Staff Weekend
Hobart Tasmania
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Activities and Things to Do

Hiking Australian High Country at
Mt Kosciuszko

A chance to 'knock off' the highest bit of mountain in Australia.....Click to explore

Mallacoota Coastal Hike Victoria

Self guided cycling and canoe trips. Stunning area with inland wilderness lake system larger than Sydney Harbour

Adventure Cruises Tasmania
This has to be one of the most exciting 'sightseeing' excursion one can imagine. Stunning! The Tasman Peninsula near Port Arthur is a unique part of the world. The sea cliffs rival anything in the world.

Secret places to visit -shhhh

Sydney Harbour Victorian Coastal
Defence Battery

Daintree and Cape Tribulation
North Queensland Australia

Not only is it stunningly beautiful, it is immensely important as a living link back to the Gondwanan times. It is considered as the oldest continual living rainforest on Earth. Daintree Discovery Tours gives you the best of both worlds, Daintree Rainforest, and Mossman Gorge.

Noosa Classic Boat Sightseeing Tours

Now we are talking!! Sightseeing with style and elegance!! More please!!


NEWS FLASH from Australia

Snorkellerís ordeal after shark attack
A man attacked by a small shark off Newcastle yesterday swam 300 metres, walked to his car and drove to a local surf club to get help with the shark still attached to his leg. The wobbegong, or carpet shark, attacked 22-year-old Luke Tresoglavic on Tuesday as he was snorkelling on a reef off Caves Beach, south of Newcastle. Tresoglavic said yesterday that when the 60-centimetre shark attacked him, he "instantly grabbed hold of it with both hands to stop it shaking". "I just realised I had to swim in like that, hanging on to it," he told the Sydney Morning Herald. "Once I got onto shore, a couple of people tried to help me but I couldnít remove it. It was stuck there. "So I got up into my car and then drove to the clubhouse and luckily the guys down there knew what to do."

Editors Note: A 'Wobbegong' (sometimes known as a carpet shark) shark is a small docile shark. The above situation is unusual to say the least, and the most dangerous point was the possible side to side shaking. Even with a small shark this has the potential to cause injury. I have seen many of these sharks whilst scuba diving, photographed them ,and also 'patted' their backs.