Hong Kong

Some suggested 'Things' to do in Hong Kong

1) Enjoy breakfast at The Peak Café after a walk along the easy route - it takes about 2km around the peak and is very scenic.

2) Sample seafood at far end of Clearwater Bay. Go to the restaurant with photos of Angelina Jolie and Chow Yuen Fatt pinned on a board at entrance. It has a very “village” feel, as if you are in China. If you go early enough, you can see sunset, and watch local people play with their remote-control planes.

3) Explore Tai-o, Hong Kong's last fishing village, on Lantau island. Village houses by waterfront, some are still on stilts; take a 20-minute boat ride from there to see pink dolphins swimming in the wild.

4) Check out Chui Wah tea house for peanut butter toast and/or fish ball noodle served with fried fish skin (Causeway bay, Lockhart Road or Central, Wellington Street

5) Visit Macau Tea House for their famous pork chop bun and Portuguese egg tarts. It's on the branch of three streets behind the old Hyatt Hotel in Tsimshatsui, adjacent to Haiphong Road

6) Take the train to Sham Sui Po, walk around the streets there during the
day. Interesting mix of wet market stalls, livestock, dry seafood, clothings, costume jewellery, wholesale of buttons, laces and flowers. It's a bit like Chinatown in Bangkok but much busier.

7) Take the “teng teng” tram ride on Hong Kong island.

8) Day trip to Macau.

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