Japanese Made Easy

Learning some simple words and phrases
will help you enjoy your visit to Japan.

When asking for somethingÖ

Whether itís a beer or another bowl of delicious ramen, this simple phrase will help you get what you want:

_____ o kudasai

Translation: ____, please.

Simply fill in the blank with the item youíre after, and youíve just requested that item. Easy huh?  This phrase can be used in a variety of situations, from the bar to the restaurant.

Biiru o kudasai = Beer, please. (Please give me beer).
O-mizu o kudasai = Water, please. (Please give me water).
When you want to know the price of somethingÖ

To know the price of an item youíre thinking of buying, simply utter this phrase:

Ikura desu ka? (While pointing to the item)

Translation: How much? (How much is this particular item Iím pointing to?)

You can buy ANYTHING in Japan, from the latest gadgets in modern Tokyo to the finest bottle of Japanese sake in traditional Kyoto.
When saying you canít eat somethingÖ

If youíre vegetarian or gluten intolerant, these two phrases will prove to be very useful to you in Japan:

_____ ga taberemasen

Translation: I canít eat _______

_______ no arerugi ga arimasu

Translation: Iím allergic to _______

Insert the type of food you canít eat into these blanks and youíve just said you canít eat that particular dish or that youíre allergic to it.

Namazakana ga taberemasen = I canít eat raw fish.
Butaniku ga taberemasen = I canít eat pork.
Guruten no arerugi ga arimasu = Iím allergic to gluten.
Nuts no arerugi ga arimasu = Iím allergic to nuts.
When you want to express your reaction to somethingÖ

Just like the song says, you definitely should ďexpress yourselfĒ when travelling in Japan.

Utter these phrases and youíre guaranteed to break the ice and make your Japanese host smile!

Suteki! = How wonderful!
Kawaii! = How cute!
Kanpai = Cheers!
Oishii / Umai! = How delicious! (Note: Umai is a lot more casual and used more often by young people)
Sugoi! = Awesome!
When asking if something exists or if they have somethingÖ

Use this phrase when you want to know if a store or hotel has something in particular:

_____ wa arimasu ka?

Translation: Is there/do you have ______?

This phrase can be used in many different situations.

Toire wa arimasu ka? = Is there a toilet?
Wi-Fi wa arimasu ka? = Do you have Wi-Fi?
L-Size wa arimasu ka? = Do you have L-size? (Does this come in a large?)