Malaysian Air Force Museum Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Airlines Flight Simulator Experience

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is a transit point for a number of airlines. Besides transiting the country itself is a prime destination for those exploring South East Asia. For an 'Aircraft Enthusiast' there is justification with the thought of making a stopover to visit the small Malaysian Airforce Museum and experience flying a real 747 Flight Simulator at the MAS simulator training school.

For the 'non aircraft enthused' partner KL boasts a S.E. Asian shopping experience, indulgent hotels with 'spas' and superb dining. Naturally an aircraft enthusiast will avail themselves of the hotels and dining!


The Malaysian AirForce Museum is situated 6Km from the city centre. It is an easy taxi ride, but make sure you use a ‘Metered’ taxi.

The museum is annexed to an air force base and you have to pass through the main gate related to the whole base area. It is easy to explain why you are there and you will be directed to the left after the entry. The museum car park which has its own ‘Gate Sentinel’ and memorial plaque to MAF personal who have lost their lives when with the air force. Most of these are flying accidents as Malaysia has not been involved in many conflicts outside the 'emergency' in the 1960's. You will observe a so called souvenir shop which hardly seems to be open I am told. There is a small group of huts that house the gallery exhibitions. They need a tidy up to improve both content and actual display design. I also struggled with some of the intentions, why was there a model of a WW2 ME110 placed with modern aircraft model exhibits?

The main aircraft exhibits are housed both indoors and outdoors. The Exterior exhibits are in dire need of conservation. In particular, the Pioneer, Caribou, Devon, Albatross and one of the Sabre’s. The most imperative, due to rarity, are the Twin Pioneer and Albatross. These need to be under cover yesterday!

Once you enter the main hanger there is a noticeable step up in condition and quality. This is how the other aircraft should be housed. The secondary hanger with engine displays is unorganised with a general lack of explanative signage. Back outside there is a small picnic area which would be attractive to locals, but are they coming to visit? Later in the day I was talking to a man who works at Malaysian Airlines. He recalled going to an ‘Open day’ with his father 20 years ago. He did not know that the museum still existed and thought it was outside Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Airlines Subang Airport Flight Simulator Experience.

Situated at the old main city airport this is a 45 minute drive from the CBD. There is a fantastic cafeteria serving local food at local staff rates!! Best value in KL!!

They offer a Fokker 50 simulator. This is old and difficult to fly – I hold a Sport Pilot License. The 747 and 737 are worth doing. There are also a 380 and ATR simulator, but these are heavily booked by real pilots so unlikely you will get one of those, but do try. Your local ‘instructors’ are not pilots, they are technicians. They offer basic instruction, but no in depth explanations or knowledge. They know how to operate things as if it was a big flight simulator. You will have a good experience, but a ‘great’ experience comes from having a proper pilot with you, like what is done with the Melbourne flight simulator experience – different price bracket of course! For those into the souvenirs of such ventures and other aviation themes, the attached shop is good value.

To cap off the whole Malaysian Experience you could fly Malaysian Airlines. I can recommend the Nasi Goreng breakfast choice!! The culinary experience that is Malaysia can start on the MH flight by not choosing western food offers!

Images from both the Malaysian Airforce Museum and the MAS Flight Simulator Experience

Entry to main covered area Aeromacchi MB 339A
Scottish Pioneer Single - remember when Scotland made aircraft!! Scottish Pioneer Twin - sadly out in elements
Skyhawk with a past New Zealand Air force history Entrance to display area in huts

Flight Simulator

747 Simulator Good software for visuals. Good value for money. Fokker 50. Rare to find one of these, this being the only reason to pay for it.

Small souvenir shop for the dedicated!