Kruger National Park

Sunset in South African national park

Elephant in Kruger National Park

Lions Kruger National Park

An infinite expanse of undisturbed wilderness awaits you at Kruger National Park. Sprawling with endless savannas teeming with life, the Kruger National Park is the most famous of its kind in South Africa.

Imagine: a calm afternoon, the wind struggling just to make a breeze as the sun paints the sky with a gradually diminishing glow. Then, a lioness makes a charge. Controlled by hunger and determination, she chases a wildebeest. Cornered, out-paced and with nowhere to go it gives up. In the cycle life itís a struggle just to keep alive. Itís a scene straight out of National Geographic.

In Kruger National Park raw nature is what is on offer. First made of separate game reserves, it was finally unified in 1926. It has since become a prime spot for research and conservation efforts as well as a chief destination for observing wildlife. After you have seen this, nothing will cease to amaze you.

All the activities in the Park are perfectly synchronised with the natural world. You can enter either on the day or night and stay in one of the well-equipped Rest Camps that dot the Parkís landscape. Most are well resourced containing air-conditioning or fans, kitchen facilities or shopping, so you wonít be completely separated from modern comforts. For those who really want to be in the thick of it, then camping sites are also available. However, in some parts of the year entrance to the Park is strictly regulated and you will find that those first to arrive are often first served.

For those who want to jump right in to the safari experience, Kruger National Park is the best place to see nature up close and personal. With expert guides accompanying you throughout your wildlife watches, you will never miss a moment. Though, being patient is a must. If youíre not satisfied with the glorious creatures youíve seen, then perhaps you should experience a nocturnal rendezvous with the many secretive creatures that go bump in the night.

Wildlife watching offers you a perfect vantage point in which to marvel at the majesty of the wildlife, all in the safety of your vehicle. However, if youíre feeling very adventurous, then take the many Wilderness Trails they have on offer. Unspoiled tracks of land ventured on foot allow you to get really personal with Mother Nature and all her beauty.

From walking, mountain biking or roughing it in your 4WD, you can experience nature up close for yourself.