New Zealand Motorbike Museum

Sometimes we have to keep a secret and this is one such time!

On a recent visit to New Zealand Brent, by chance, 'met a chap' who invited him to visit his private collection. He housed this within a 'shed' in a small rural town where he lived. Brent, when returning to Christchurch in the campervan would pass though this town. 'Give me a call and I'll take you through" said 'The Chap'.

Of even more interest was the fact that our host used to know the famous Bert Munroe - you know of 'Worlds fastest Indian movie' fame!

This shed (and annex) has one of nearly all Yamaha models between 1960 and the end of the 1970's.

Brent in fantasyland, a 1969 TD2 Yamaha 250cc racer!!


Hat Rack Did you ever wonder where all those old bikes were?