South America

Most of South America lies in Southern Hemisphere and therefore experiences the same seasons as Australia. However, because the continent is so vast there are no hard and fast rules regarding climate. Altitude affects climate as much as the seasons do. In general the climate will be warm to temperate. However nights can be cool particularly between April to Sept.


A dry temperate climate all year.  Average temp. for Buenos Aires 27C in Summer,  16C in winter.
Skiing Bariloche June September.
Trekking Patagonia November January.


Hot all year in the jungles.
In the mountains (i.e. Cuzo and La Paz) it is usually cool-warm during the day, but can be very cold at night.
Trekking season May July 


Tropical climate with warm temperatures.
Beaches best November to February. 


Similar climate to Argentina.
Ski season June to September. 


Coast and Galapagos Islands warm throughout the year.
In the mountains (i.e. Quito) it is usually cool-warm during the day but can be very cold at night.


In the hi plains where most of the main large cities and historical sites are found, cool/warm days and cold nights. Coastal areas are hot all year round.