Marina Bay Sands

Brent and Elaine, from Passport Travel, stayed at this hotel during a recent conference in Singapore. It has to be considered one of the most amazing hotels to stay at. Be warned, if you suffer from serious vertigo do not stay. Upon entering our room (47th floor) Brent made his way to the floor to ceiling window to discover that the window sloped from floor to ceiling (all part of the curve of the building itself. Therefore when you look at your feet the view goes directly to the ground and you feel as if you are standing on a small overhang - remarkable. Brent held Elaine's hand as she stepped forward. Elaine took 24 hrs to become comfortable with the sensation.  The infinity pool on the open air 'top floor' lived up to all that has been said about it.

Not every place can be perfect in all respects. Due to the nature of its ground designs and open traffic throughway the hotel lacks the more intimate feeling of a traditional 'lobby'. The open ground floor area feels more like an enclosed shopping centre and air conditioned walk through area for the public. Taking away this aspect the shear innovative design and engineering makes it a must to sample. the details below by Mr N John outline more about the hotel and its food. 


With it’s distinctive blend of Singaporean culture meets the rush and commercial success of Las Vegas, it’s no wonder Marina Bay Sands is set to become one of Asia’s premier entertainment destinations.

A quick twenty minute taxi ride from Changi Airport, the iconic three towers house over 2,000 accommodation rooms, MICE facilities capable of serving 45,000 delegates and is only a few escalators away from Singapore’s largest gaming, food and shopping complex.

Stepping into Tower 1, I was greeted by the cool breeze of air conditioning, what seemed to be a never ending lobby and a team of ‘go-getting’ concierges. Staff was so efficient and helpful that it actually felt as though I was checked in and ready to head up to my room before I could finish the sentence ‘hi, my name is…’

It might be presumptuous to say but I’d say it is quite common for guests to be initially confused after receiving their room number and door key because staff was right alongside me, kindly directing me towards my suite.

The walk from Tower 1 to Tower 3 elevators was definitely a lengthy one in regards to the usual hotel lobby walk. However Marina Bay Sands kept it scenic with conversations whispered through from diners enjoying their meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet restaurant, Rise, music leaking from the resort’s hip bar, Fuse while my eyes kept busy scanning tribute costume stands to currently playing theatre production, Wicked.

Entering my forty-fifth floor suite I felt at home amongst the warm brown, red and cream tones used to decorate the room.

Overflowing with amenities, Marina Bay Sands had ensured I would be equipped with everything I could ever need during my stay; from toothpaste to needle and threads, an iron, bathrobes, slippers, two sets of shampoo and conditioner as well as two bars of soap, moisturizing cream as well as two complimentary bottles of water, a phone telephone and an LCD TV hooked up to international and multi-lingual channels.

While the space and entertainment inside the room would be enough to keep a guest occupied, the interior was definitely outweighed by the forty-fifth floor’s breathtaking view of Singapore.

After a quick tour of the room, be sure to make the most out of Singapore’s amazing tropical weather by throwing on your swimming gear and heading up to the SkyPark.

Boasted for its length which stretches longer than four and a half A380 jumbo jets, the SkyPark can host up to 3,900 people.

Offering a panorama view of Singapore, the SkyPark is not only the location of Celebrity Chef Justin Quek’s, Sky on 57 restaurant, but also the destination for the resort’s famous pool.

Stretching across the SkyPark, the swimming pool seemingly extends to the edge of the resort, allowing guests to access a non-disturbed view of Singapore.

Although it may seem as though swimmers may fall of the edge of the resort, it’s actually well protected and close to impossible for someone to accidentally fall out of the pool.

As well as enjoying the pool, guests up on the SkyPark can also take time out to enjoy the Jacuzzis or simply enjoy the view by chilling on the banana lounge chairs.

After a quick swim and a bite to eat at the wide selection of dining options available in Marina Bay Sands, guests can also make their way up to the resort’s scenic fitness center.

Located in Tower 2 and open from the early hours until 11.00pm, the Marina Bay Sands fitness center sets itself apart with one of the most remarkable views for a gym.

You’ll definitely feel on top of the world and inspired to ‘pump-it-out’ on the walker, as you run towards the city’s bright lights.

As well providing guests with state-of-art exercise equipment, the fitness centre is also equipped with steam rooms to relieve the sweat and stress as well as a seating area to enjoy the view post-workout.

So whether you are in Singapore with the family for a two week vacation, traveling for work or stopping by for a one-night layover you’ll definitely enjoy the luxury and five class service designed and served at Marina Bay Sands.


Food at Marina Bay Sands

One of the world’s most culinary diverse destinations, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore has built its dining offerings to encompass flavours from across the globe.

From Indian food to Singaporean, Middle Eastern to European right down to Chinese and South American, formal to casual, buffet to exclusive, Marina Bay Sands has dishes and restaurants to satisfy any growling stomach.

Housing up to 45 various types of restaurants, e-Travel Blackboard has selected two from the never ending list of amazing properties to help you dine the next time you stop by Marina Bay Sands.

Todai - for the buffet fans

Todai, one of the largest international buffet restaurants in Singapore, so large in fact owners felt the need to design a ‘placemat map’ to help direct eaters to the various foods on offer.

Open for lunch between 11.30am to 4.00pm and dinner from 5.30pm to 10.30pm, Todai is literally divided into food themes, and serves all types of meals to cater to their multi-cultural visitor base.

Although promoting itself as an ‘upscale’ seafood and sushi buffet, the restaurant’s offerings are in fact so diverse it often feels as though you’re actually walking the halls of three separate dining properties.

Whether you like your Italian pastas, Laksas, pork strips, pizzas, seafood, Korean BBQ or even Brazilian Churrasco, Todai has every type of food imaginable cut up, heated and served for your satisfaction.

Originally concerned that the production of food would see the quality suffer, it’s in fact the complete opposite with each bite more delicious than the next and each meal more creatively designed and presented it is hard to resist solely snapping up pictures the entire meal.  

As well as offering a wide range of beautiful presented dishes, Todai also promotes and demonstrates its commitment to cleanliness with its open kitchen.

Chefs are placed openly yet discreetly behind the counters, allowing customers to observe as their dishes are created.

Whether you are a picky eater or just looking for a never ending selection you can’t go wrong by choosing the upscale all you can eat restaurant, Todai.

Sky on 57 - for the fine diners

Formal dining with a pristine view of Singapore and the friendliest service, eating at Sky on 57 is definitely a one-of-a-kind treat for Marina Bay Sands travellers.

Located on the SkyPark level on the roof of Tower 1, the restaurant’s intricately French and Singaporean blended menu was designed by Celebrity Chef Justin Quek to invite travellers to his home country.

Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as transforming into an evening bar, Sky on 57 is definitely a must-try next time you are staying at Marina Bay Sands.

Less than a year since the restaurant launched in the iconic complex, Chef Quek told e-Travel Blackboard he designed the menu with the hope of offering tourists and locals the sense of eating at home with an upscale twist.

And that’s definitely what you’ll experience at Sky on 57, with food options varying from perfectly round hash browns, all types of eggs and cereals as well as some Asian selections for breakfast down to seafood cooked with French and Singaporean spices and pork with uniquely dressed salads for dinner.

As well as serving some of the finest food in Singapore, Sky on 57 also offers diners a spectacular non-disturbed view of the entire city across the entire restaurant.

Next time you want to feel on top of the world with a great view and amazing food book your spot at Sky on 57.

A few other options         

Pita Pan – for the vegetarians

A casual dining complex located outside the ArtScience Museum, Pita Pan is the perfect blend of Mediterranean food meets the Middle East.

Rise – for the diverse eaters

Located on the ground lobby of Tower 1, Rise is a perfect spot for those looking for delicious food without trekking too far from their room. The Rise serves a full international buffet breakfast and a seafood and sushi buffet lunch and dinner.

The Chocolate Bar – for the chocoholics

A chocolate addict’s paradise, if you’re looking for a major chocolate fix this is the place for you. The Chocolate Bar opens are The Club from 8.00pm daily and serves up to 57 chocolate themed desserts. Each dish is crafted by hand and is made using premium chocolate. One word: dreamy.