The Eighth Day

by Alistair Smith



The Back Cover Blurb




When Chairman Mao ordered his arch-rival’s plane to be shot down back in 1971, he unwittingly set in train a series of events that, forty years later, threatens to hand over control of China to a ruthless group of powerful men whose only objective is to get their hands on the country’s enormous wealth.

They must time their coup to coincide with the opening of the Olympic Games when all the eyes of the world are focussed on Beijing.


Mack Macdonald, a former Special ops soldier is an unwitting pawn in the game, and the beautiful Sally Chong, an expatriate Chinese with a mysterious past who suddenly enters Macdonald’s life, becomes a key figure in the race to thwart the plot, while behind the scenes, a spymaster and the leader of a secret society are pulling the strings.

The action sweeps across the globe from the exotic ancient cities of the fabled Silk Road to the bustling streets of modern day Istanbul, from Melbourne’s Chinatown to the secluded world of Oxford’s academia.


What professional reviewers said:

"... impressive narrative ... boasts an interesting storyline, well delineated characters and exotic locations."


"An international thriller with a strong story line, a large cast of characters and a wide range of settings.  It is also very well-written."


"A key strength of the writing is that it is uncluttered – it keeps moving forward.”

" ... accomplished and impressive ..."

Note: The “reviewer comments” quoted above are extracted from reports received

during a professional manuscript appraisal process.

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