Egypt and the Middle East



Winter (Dec-Mar) is comfortably warm and dry by day and cool in the evening. Summer (May Oct) is quite hot during the day and warm in the evenings.


You will always enjoy breezes off the Nile and overall the weather becomes warmer the further south you travel.



Summer months are between April and October. During the winter months (Nov to Mar), most areas experience mild weather. At this time of year areas to visit include Tiberias, the Dead Sea or Eilat on the Red Sea.



May to September Moderate weather, warm during days, cool in the evenings. Occasion rain.

June to August hot days, cool evenings. No Rain.

October to November mixed weather. Usually sunny with cold evenings.

December to February although pleasant generally, can be cold and snowy.

March and April Moderate weather. Occasional rain, can be cold.