DMZ Tunnel Tour Korea

Korea is the only divided country in the world. After the Korean War (June 25 1950 – July 27 1953), South Korea and North Korea established a border that cut the Korean peninsula roughly in half. Stretching for 2km on either side of this border is the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). As one of the last relics of the Cold War, the DMZ attracts a great deal of public interest, and is a popular destination for travelers visiting Korea. Despite the fact that this is the most heavily armed border in the world, it is extremely rare that any hostilities take place. These days the DMZ is a safe destination that we would thoroughly recommend to any traveler. The DMZ and its surroundings contain many interesting historical sights and pristine untouched natural surroundings.

Various organizations offer DMZ guided tours. Itineraries differ, but most tours will take visitors to an observatory, one of North Korea’s infiltration tunnels, a military base, and right into Panmunjeom, the Joint Security Area in the middle of the DMZ where negotiations between the two sides are held.
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Panmunjeom – The Great Divide

For over fifty years the areas surrounding the DMZ have been restricted to the general public. As a result, they have become a wildlife preserve containing incredible bio-diversity. The DMZ and its surrounding areas are now referred to as the Peace and Life Zone (PLZ), and a special tour course has been designed taking travelers to destinations of historical interest and outstanding natural beauty.
The DMZ (PLZ) Tour Course Guidebook
Discovering the Hidden Treasures of the PLZ (DMZ)