Temperature is determined by altitude for the most part.  Coastal areas and the north remain hot (costal areas also humid).  The highlands are warm and mild. Average temperature in Nairobi is 23C and on the coast 29 C

Jan – Feb:       Hot & Dry
Mar – Apr:       Hot & Wet (long rains)
Jun – Oct:       Warm & Dry
Nov – Dec:      Warm & Wet


Tropical with variations according to latitude.  Rain can be expected Nov – Dec and Apr – May.
Generally it is warmer on the cost with a temperature range from 23 – 30C in Dar es Salaam and cooler in the northern upland areas at around 16-21C.
June to September is an excellent time to visit this area as this is part of the “migration time”.


Mostly above sea level, tropical but generally with very pleasant temperatures.
Low lying areas such as Victoria Falls & Zambezi Valley are warm all year round.
Nov – Mar:      Main rainy seasons.  Temp. 25 – 32C
May – Aug:      Cool dry winter season.  Temp. 20 – 28C during day. Colder at night
Aug – Dec:      Warm with Temps. Of up to 34C


Winter days are warm with nights cool to cold.
Average winter (May – Aug) daytime is 25C and summer (Oct – Apr) is 31C
The rainy season is excepted between Oct and Apr. but can be unreliable. 


The same season as Australia, the winters are dry and sunny and most of the rain falls in the summer. The southern regions around Cape Town can be quite cool during May to Aug. especially in the evenings. The rest of  South Africa has a very temperate climate throughout most of the year.