Russian VISA Invitations and Issuance

Upon payment for your arrangements, we provide you with the required invitations and additional paperwork to secure the relevant visa. We will make these as flexible as possible and valid for the country in which you apply for your visa. You should be aware that ‘invitations’ from certain outlets in Russia have and are being refused at some Russian consulates. For flexibility and peace of mind, our invitations are a must.

For current issue costs, and to download a current application form, we have the following links for you. Please note that conditions and prices can vary between countries. Also certain nationalities pay more for a visa issue than others. We cannot list all consulates. Application forms are generally the same for all nationalities (Except UK and U.S. citizens). This situation could always change without notice.
A short summary of requirements for Australian Passport Holders
General Links for everyone


World Wide List of Russian Consulates.
This link takes you to an alphabetical list of Russian consulates around the world.

Russian Visa registration upon arrival