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Bhutan set to plough lone furrow as world's first wholly organic country

By shunning all but organic farming techniques, the Himalayan state will cement its status as a paradigm of sustainability.
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Greener Phone Use

One way for us to be eco-friendly, advises Tapio Hedman of Nokia, is to, once you're done with charging your phone, take the charger out the mains. According to him, two-thirds of the energy consumed during the phone's lifecycle is wasted because of that. “That's why it beeps when the battery is full, it's telling you to do something,” he says.

A green dram - Scotland has a new Whiskey Distillery

Scotland will see the opening of its fi rst major new whisky distillery for over 30 years; and what’s more, it will be the greenest distillery yet, according to a NZ Herald report. Owned by drinks giant Diageo, the new facility at Roseisle has been built to strict ecological standards, emitting only a fraction of the CO2 produced by standard distilleries. It will also recycle all the waste water used in the distillation process. Once complete, the distillery will be will be one of Scotland’s largest, with a combined output of 10 million litres of whisky a year, the report said.

Plastic Water Bottle cure???? 

An additive to make plastic bottles biodegrade completely is now on the market for water companies in the UAE, Gulf News has reported. The oxo-biodegradable additive is similar to what is currently being used in plastic bags to make them degrade quickly once discarded. UAE residents reportedly have the world’s highest per capita consumption of bottled water, creating huge amounts of plastic. Danger of plastic in the oceans.

Windmill Tours:

With the recent 'backout' by the U.S.A. from the Kyoto emissions agreement. And this from a country with the highest energy usage, it is pleasing to see someone in the U.S adapting that old 'Dutch and Belgian' technology of Windmilling! Visualise this: In a desert area 3,800 30 metre high white windmills that generate enough power to run 920,000 houses (and that is with an American energy consumption). And yes, it is now a tourist attraction. Worth a visit.

Perhaps it is time to investigate which cruise lines maintain a recycling system for plastic. This commodity is becoming the pest of the ocean. Regretfully, too many cruise boats still simply toss their refuge overboard!! When you come down to selecting your cruise boat check their rubbish and recycling policy. If you witness abuse of this whilst on board report it. Here is a short email with links to various reports received from a friend of ours who also happens to be a marine scientist.

Eco Minded Hotels and Resorts:

Sth Africa


Crown Plaza Alice Springs

Bangkok Tree House

Old Bangkok Guest House

A whole Greek Island

Eco Beach Resort Langkawi Malaysia
Frangipani resort

Zanzibar Villas
With a sound Ecological basis.

Topas Eco Lodge Vietnam

They claim 'probably the best view in the world'. One of the better would be more realistic. Certainly an imposing position. A very good attempt to minimise impact.

4 Rivers Lodge Cambodia

Like a rare butterfly, Cambodia has emerged from a troubled past to show off its beauty. Good start with their opening words! Hopefully more local beer is consumed rather than imported European brands considered 'trendy'. Nice place and well reviewed.



Wolgan Valley Resort

Stunning Historical Expensive

Yes, but if you have the budget...
What place in Australia can quote of a visit by Charles Darwin and be home to prehistoric trees?

Four years later Charles Darwin arrived in New South Wales, and on the 18th of January, he stayed the night as a guest at the Wallerawang Homestead. The following day he wrote in his notebook a detailed description of Wolgan Valley. The scale of the terrain appears to have made a huge impression on him, and he was prompted to theorise broadly (and accurately) on its formation.

One of the world's oldest and rarest tree species, The Wollemi Pine (Wollemia Nobilis), was discovered on the site of the property in August 1994. The Wollemi Pine belongs to a 200 million-year-old botanic family and until the discovery was considered extinct.

Eco Friendly Land Transport

New Zealand Campervans go green and offer in-house CO2 offsets!!
If you are planning a trip to New Zealand and intend using a campervan please read more...

"Care for the environment, travel Eurostar"

Travel to the heart of Paris with the Eurostar. The CO2 emissions from a Eurostar train on a London Paris sector are 5.4 kg as opposed to 67 kg on a flight between London and Paris.

Hybrid London Double Decker Bus

Taking an environmentally friendly route, London is set to welcome a new-look double decker red bus that will be propelled by battery-powered electric motors. Using a small diesel motor and fifty percent less carbon dioxide as well as running near-silent, the bus is set to take-on the London streets on the 20 February this year.
Built in Northern Ireland, London Lord Mayor Boris Johnson described it as the “greatest masterpiece of British engineering and design”. “It will become a much-loved and iconic vehicle, akin to the legendary old red Routemaster double-deckers - that were withdrawn from service in 2005,” the Mayor said.  “Its gleaming red paint and sinuous curves will brighten the day of all who see it humming along our great city’s street.”

National Parks:

Thailand Malaysia     Sarawak Bangladesh Philippines Brunei Singapore
Nepal Korea        


Skyrail named as environmental leader

2 May 2012

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway in Cairns, Australia, has been named as the most environmentally sustainable tourism business in the Pacific region.

After a 10-year benchmarking and certification programme, the Queensland company is the first in the Pacific to obtain EarthCheck’s Certified Platinum rating and the only cableway in the world to achieve this status.

The EarthCheck certification and benchmarking program, is used by more than 1,300 organisations in over 70 countries, to achieve environmentally sustainable tourism and travel operations.

EarthCheck CEO Stewart Moore said the team at Skyrail are committed leaders in sustainable tourism.

“Over the past 10 years, Skyrail has not only passed annual benchmark assessments, but they have also achieved best-practice results on initiatives like community contribution, energy reduction, water and waste consumption and recycling,” said Mr Moore.

“In addition to succeeding in EarthCheck’s benchmarking and certification, Skyrail also completed a rigorous series of independent audits that cemented its place as a worldwide industry leader of environmental, social and financial sustainable cableways.”

Skyrail’s Managing Director Max Shepherd said EarthCheck’s system has been implemented across the entire business including the operation of the aerial cableway, ecotourism services, educational programs, retail and food and beverage facilities.

“The achievement of our EarthCheck Platinum rating is due to the commitment and enthusiasm of our team who are dedicated to protecting the natural and cultural heritage values of the rainforest and their determination in striving for continuous year-on-year improvements in environmental, social and financial goals,” said Mr Shepherd.

Skyrail shares its sustainability skills through presentations to universities and foreign delegates having recently hosted a group from Kenya as part of the QUT Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship Program.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is one of only six tourism companies worldwide to achieve EarthCheck’s Certified Platinum rating. It joins other environmental leaders including Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort in Aruba, Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa in Jamaica, Meliá Bali in Indonesia as well as Hotel Sofitel Cairo Maadi Towers & Casino and Basma Hotel Aswan in Egypt.


January 2011

Air New Zealand of course has already test flown a 747 with bio fuel. Now other airlines are starting to look seriously as this idea, not just the flying, but also the production.

Qantas is taking serious steps to reduce carbon emissions with a new deal to make rubbish reusable.The Australian carrier has partnered with US bioenergy company Solena to build a commercial biofuel plant in Sydney. “We expect to produce a business case for such a plant within 12 months,” spokesperson Olivia Wirth said. Food scraps, packaging, grass and tree cuttings will all be viable materials, converted to produce biofuel that eventually will power aircraft.

Qantas has been exploring the possibilities of using biofuel for years and is tentatively taking the initial steps to making this a reality. “While we are still in the early stages of this project, the possibilities are exciting. We hope to announce further details soon,” Ms Wirth said. Solena have a similar deal with British Airways in London to construct a biofuel plant by 2014.