Eating Your Way Across Thailand: Bangkok


Consistently ranked as one of Bangkok's best restaurants, Celadon has garnered many awards over the years in recognition of its fine Thai cuisine as well as its classic yet austere decor and elegant ambience.  The restaurant is located on what can be described as an island of gourmet pleasure surrounded by lotus pools and bamboo in a quiet enclave on the grounds of The Sukhothai on South Sathorn Road in one of the city's main business areas.  The freshest of ingredients are grown right out the door in the restaurant's herb garden.

The foremost dining venue of the venerable hotel The Sukhothai, Celadon has also won awards as one of the best hotel restaurants in the world.  One dinner here makes everything very clear.  In a country renowned for its food, Celadon elevates the national cuisine to lofty heights.  New to Celadon is highly experienced chef Chamlong Pewthaisong, aka Jimmy, who has an international résumé the envy of many a diplomat.  Jimmy has worked as a chef specialising in Thai cuisine at several top hotels in various regions of the world; he has now brought his expertise to Celadon and is already enhancing the restaurant's reputation with some new ideas on traditional Thai cuisine. 

What makes Celadon special are the things it does not do.  It does not attempt to spin Thai dishes into trendy fusion foods, nor does it venture far from the successful recipes that have brought it so much acclaim.  That said, a dinner at Celadon is anything but boring; the nuances of flavour, especially noticeable in the appetiser tasting platter, are exquisite.  Though the menu offers more than enough options, let Jimmy decide what is best on the day you visit and give him free rein to create a parade of tastes to please the palate.

Celadon is also available for special occasions and can be transformed into the ultimate Thai wedding venue


Celadon appetisers, mouthwateringly delicious Celadon chef Chamlong Pewthaisong. aka Jimmy
The Sukhothai's classic aesthetic is demonstrated in artist ways throughout the property.
Celadon exterior