Los Caracolos Barcelona

In 1835, the Bofarull family founded one of the most charismatic restaurants within the city of Barcelona. Can Bofarull, as it was then, is in the Gothic styled District near Las Ramblas. Over time the restaurant was renamed in honour of one of its most famous dish - Los Caracoles (Snails). No, the French cannot claim exclusivity!

Since then four more generations of the Bofarull family have maintained an excellent standard quality traditional cooking. The restaurant's well-earned fame has spread all over the world. It stands out for always having been a place frequented by famous personalities from the world of art, show business, politics and finance, attracted not only by the choice of food served, but for the charm of its numerous little corners, so full of history.

This writer recalls the many times he dined there when he was a tour leader in Europe. He also recalls the times he visited subsequently and looks forward to the next time. The image of walking in through the actual kitchen to make your way to the dining area stills remains a vivid memory. Wide paella plats steaming away, flames surging from gas rings as pans of food are cooked to perfection. And always the calling of orders and general cacophony of kitchen noise.

Los Caracolos