Micro Breweries in China



Beer connoisseurs and novices alike will appreciate the art of resident brewmaster Leon. Sit back on the outdoor terrace and admire your fresh, golden, frothy brew and relaxing views of Century Park.

The magnificent seven

Six signature beers and a cider are hand-crafted in-house and are always available on tap. The BREW signature beer collection heads a vast selection of beverages, including selected premium beers from China and around the world as well as an intriguing range of spirits, cocktails and wine.

Taste them all:

Dugite Vanilla Stout

White Ant

Indian Pale Ale


Skinny Green

Razorback Cider

Seasonal beer

Classic inn cuisine

Your favourite pub dishes with a twist rule The BREW’s menu. Fish & Chips featuring cod fillets battered with The BREW’s own stout is a tempting example. Our chef has taken special care to perfectly pair every item on the menu with crisp refreshing brews.


Boxing Cat Brewery


Worth a visit. Boxing Cat Brewery


Shanghai Brewing Company



Shanghai Beer festival

Keep track of this new event. Hopefully it will repeat itself.


Other Micro Breweries in China

Bad Monkey Beer in Dali

This was the first craft micro brewery in China and produces a tasty range of beer at affordable prices. The venue is 'European Backpacker Trendy' style and has live music - quite often western styled. Well worth a visit, the writer of this text and the 'taker' of the above picture can assure you!
Bad Monkey T Shirts are cool!


Yangshou near Guilin

I don't know about you, but when I travel I prefer to eat the local cuisine. However, this place does brew some of its own beer!

The Le Votre French Restaurant is in West Street, Yangshuo. It is run by two French brothers. More of an up-market dining experience in Yangshuo. Great outdoor dining area located in the center of Yangshuo. The inside of Le Votre is impressive with high ceilings, wood carvings and other Chinese Art and Antiques. It is a French cuisine restaurant; however their menu also covers other International classic dishes..







Great Leap Brewing Company


Check this out and let us know what you think.