Austrian Beer
Turning water, hops and malt into beer!


Prost! (Cheers)

The rest depends on the brewer’s skill. Brewing is an ancient trade, but over the centuries it has reached such a pitch of sophistication that modern-day beers bear little resemblance to the produce of the brewing vats of old.
Brewing is basically applied biotechnology. It makes use of natural processes to transform natural raw materials into a natural beverage. Add to that generations of expertise and Austria’s stringent foodstuff regulations – on which many other countries have modelled their legislation – and you get a superbly pure and unspoilt glass of beer.

Here are the recognised types of beer in Austria:

Märzen: balanced malty flavour, mildly bitter hoppy aroma, light in colour

Pils: bottom-fermenting, strongly hoppy, light-coloured full-strength beer

Special beer: full-strength beers with an original wort of at least 12.5 degrees

Wheat beer: made using at least 50% wheat malt

Zwickel: unfiltered, made cloudy by the yeast and insoluble proteins

One of Austria’s traditional brewing regions is the “Mühlviertel”, between the Danube and the Bohemian Forest, which produces a wealth of fine beers. This region includes Austria’s only monastery brewery in Schlägel Abbey, the country’s oldest brewery, the Gutsbrauhof in St. Martin, the long-established Municipal Braucommune in Freistadt, and countless castle breweries, palace breweries and other small breweries.

Vienna Beer Brewery Restaurant - Salm Brau

April 2005 saw me indulging a night of calories in Vienna. Re-acquainting myself with this city (last visit 1978!) I excluded the usual sightseeing - which I had already over subscribed to during my days as a tour leader - and explored streets, museums and cafes! The first nights dining was at an equally charming establishment known at, 'Gosser Bierklinik'. The pictures show me at the 'Salm Brau' (click here to read about beers) probably one of the more famous venues for consuming beer and food. They provide you with sample glasses of their own brews and then you can decide upon a more normal sized glass for the meal! Enjoy great beer and traditional Austrian food all enveloped within arched cellars of an old convent - those Nuns again! Web

The Bräustübl Tavern in Mülln Salzburg!

Where, since 1621, the art of brewing and a cordial atmosphere has been enjoyed. Great building and a wonderful old atmosphere. Food is available from the old 'market stall' system. Well worth a visit!