Windamere Hotel Darjeeling India

Pastry Chef Bhagawati of The Windamere (no, not spelt incorrectly) Hotel tells us that the Afternoon tea here is not to be missed during your stay in Darjeeling. Afternoon Tea at the Windamere Hotel is a world-renowned affair.

The hotel is already known by many as a truly authentic Colonial Hotel of India in the Himalayas. Some say the only one of its kind not only in the Hills, but also in India. The 'Sunday Times of London' called it: one of the best Colonial Hotels in the World.' This authenticity also applies to their tea offering. Everything is home-baked and mouth wateringly fresh! They serve: scones, with cream and jam; finger sized sandwiches (water cress, cucumber, cheese and chutney, tuna to name but a few); lemon drizzle cake; Victoria sponge cake; melt in your mouth shortbread biscuits; bath buns; bake well tarts and much more. All of this is accompanied by the 'champagne of beverages' Darjeeling Tea!

What is known as 'Darjeeling Tea' in the west, cannot hope to compare with the real thing drunk on its own and from the top tea gardens in the Darjeeling Hills - it is pure and in the west could cost a small fortune to buy. Afternoon Tea is served by their Windamere maid dressed appropriately in old English tea maid attire. The actual tea is served in real silver pots, complete with a silver tray and silver accoutrements. For people who long for the real, untarnished event this is the place. Apparently, they have many outside guests who also enjoy their Afternoon Tea. They are invited to sit in the 'Bearparks Parlour' (named after Windamere's first housekeeper, this was her flat in the old days). By the way many people call tea served between 4 - 6p.m as 'High Tea'. The English will tell you that 'High Tea' is mostly an Americanised name for 'Afternoon Tea' the latter consisting of 'a low meal offering' such as scones, biscuits, cake, etc.

'High Tea' would refer to the old working classes in England who came home from work to such delicious food as 'Steak & Kidney Pie' and other hot meals (usually served around 6 p.m. and known simply as 'Tea').

Pastry chef Bhagawati

Windamere Hotel Darjeeling India