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Melbourne rated by international agencies as 'The Most Liveable City"!!

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Imitation is often considered the best compliment. The name Melbourne  appears in several places around the world. The name derives from 'Mill on the brook'.

Melbourne Victoria Australia Population 3.2 Million
Melbourne Derbyshire U.K. Population 4000
Melbourne Yorkshire U.K. Population ?
Melbourne Ontario Canada Population 350
Melbourne Florida U.S. Population 73,597
Melbourne Kentucky U.S. Population 600
Melbourne Arkansas U.S. Population 1673
Melbourne Iowa Population 675
Then there is one without the 'e' Melbourn Bedfordshire U.K. Population ?

Melbourne came in at number one spot as the world’s most underrated destination.
The cosmopolitan city features laneways, hidden shopping pockets and eateries
won the top spot, beating Lisbon, Portland and Brussels.

The complete list of overlooked destinations is below:
 1.  Melbourne, Australia
 2.  San Jose, Calif.
 3.  Brussels, Belgium
 4.  Albuquerque, N.M.
 5.  Bologna, Italy
 6.  Cleveland, Ohio
 7.  Edinburgh, Scotland
 8.  Malaga, Spain
 9.  Portland, Maine
10.  Lisbon, Portugal

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Miniature Melbourne from Nathan Kaso on Vimeo.