Germany and Colditz Castle Leipzig and Dresden


April 2005: Besides finally realising an ambition to drive a Trabant Brent escorted a small party (inc family members) to the 60th commemoration of the liberation of COLDITZ POW camp situated near Leipzig. Passport Travel can arrange cycling and car touring through this region which includes Colditz Castle itself. Contact us for details.

132 members of the Colditz Society arrived from all corners of the world. 3 British and 2 German veterans were able to attend, several not being able to attend at the last minute due to health issues. Within the remaining contingent were many family members. Brent, being a New Zealander by birth, was part of the colonial group. Only 11 New Zealanders are known to have been in Colditz during WW2 and at the commemoration there were 5 family descendants and friends (related to NZers) in attendance. The following pictures tell their own story...
Children of NZ POW identities at 4th gate prisoners courtyard.
Left to Right:
 Janet Morrison Her father Bruce, caught at Crete. After 5 escape attempts his accommodation was upgraded to Colditz. He was one of the few NCO's within this camp which was for for 'Naughty' Officers and prominente (Nazi hostages) - The Morrison family were friends of Brents family and consequently he was weaned on stories of 'daring do' from a young age.
Guy Hargreaves - Father Charles escaped execution as an SOE operative - caught in the Balkans.
Virginia Upham - Father Charles caught in Western Desert. Only combatant ever to be awarded 2 Victoria Cross's.

Janet quipped as she walked into the castle, 'The second Morrison to walk through these gates'.
Peter Parker British POW flanked by two of his former guards.
Prof. Peter Hoffman and Herr Alfred Heinrich. It was 84 year old (in 2005) Parker's first visit since liberation and his energy was amazing. Included a long climb up the stone stars leading to the tower in the background, then into the attic - right to where his bunk used to be!Photo - Peter Payne

Ed note 2015: All have since passed away, the last being Prof. Hoffman in April 2015