Baltic Ferries

Finland. Estonia and Latvia are all neighbours of Russia thus providing an interesting exit, or entry point. Connections to other parts of Scandinavia are possible. We can organise ticketing and ensure all is synchronised with your overall travel plan.

Timetables, cabins and Prices

Observations from staff member who recently travelled Tallinn to Helsinki in October 2014

Check in very quick at busy, but very organised terminal. Long walk to ship through 'airbridge' like walkway, only larger. Be prepared for large numbers of Finns travelling back to Helsinki with trolley loads of alcohol!!

Very clean ships and comfortable seating. Food and drink in the ordinary areas is typical fast food cafeteria style and at a high price point to Tallinn, but moderate from a Finnish perspective. I would advise eating before, or after, as better quality can be had on shore, either side.

I imagine the food quality is better in the onboard restaurants, but they are also a higher price point.