Whale Hunt Haul Out

Chukotka Russia

To most of us this is a confronting sight. I was stunned to be present when such a thing happened. The blubber  (layered out in slabs) was consumed raw whilst the red meat was cooked. As it was cut up the meat and blubber was taken to the festival site. In addition, the villages themselves came to collect supplies to take home for future personal use.

The whale was hunted from one of their reindeer skinned boats, a hand fired harpoon being used! At least they are open about their true reasons for continuing this practice, unlike the Japanese in the southern ocean. These Chutkie people are allowed to hunt 12 whales a year for 'cultural purposes'.

This writer believes there is no longer any need for this whale hunting. The local people are no longer dependent on sea mammals for food. There prime food supplies are shipped, or flown in and are more mainstream Russian food products.

It is interesting to contrast these people with cultures in Norway that still claim 'cultural practice' as a reason to hunt whale. Norway is one of the richest and well developed nations on earth. Chukotka is a very undeveloped and poor region of Russia. People from such extremes still claim this outdated right.