St Petersburg Artillery Museum Russia

The Artillery Museum in central St Petersburg offers an eclectic range of exhibits that trace the history of military engineering from the earliest days of the Russian Empire. Artillery usually means 'canons', but surprisingly there are many other exhibits including such items as a selection of 'sport shooting' guns owned by some of the Czarina's of old Russia, including one attributed to Catherine the Great. There is an Armour display, assorted muskets and even an Artillery Unit signals display. On certain weekends (especially during the summer) there are educative demonstrations outside. When I was there during July 2013 museum staff were demonstrating black powder firearms. No matter what ones views on military conflict it has to be recognised that such conflict drove invention and all aspects of science and technology. From these weapons we have the technology that gave us many of the things we take for granted today. The above pictures shows Peter and Paul Fortress and the horseshoe shaped Artillery Museum.

I have included a picture of the Russian MIL Helicopter that was operating city sightseeing flights from the canal bank opposite the museum - right in front of Peter and Paul Fortress. Sadly time and commitments did not allow me the experience! Next time hopefully!!

How to get there? Take the metro to Gorkovskaya Station, exit and turn right. Walk through the park towards the Peter and Paul Fortress.
When you reach the canal turn right and the museum is just a little further on your right-hand side.
Address:   7, Aleksandrovsky Park
Metro: Gorkovskaya, Sportivnaya
Telephone: +7 (812) 232-0296
Open: Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm, last admission is at 5 pm
Closed: Monday, Tuesday as well as the last Thursday of each month
Website: Russian Website in English and Russian
Admission: Adult: RUB 300.00. Student: RUB 100.00 as of 2013
Photo and video: Photo: RUB 50.00 Video: RUB 150.00 as of 2013
Accessibility note: Wheelchair access is available to main collections on the 1st and 2nd floors. Third floor is not accessible.
Contrasts - consider its past - now a fun play thing for kids Central St Petersburg. From the very old to modern.
Grandiose engineering and decorative art In summer helicopter rides may operate just opposite entrance of museum Ride in a MIL!!!!
Pre gunpowder era exhibits The gunsmiths art. Czarina and her 'sports' guns
Napoleonic Era and Borodinno feature. Dedicated hall. Old Czars carriage
Kalashnikov Hall 'Shrine' to Kalashnikov himself
The Russians hold the name of Kalashnikov in very high esteem. The mainstay weapon of Russian forces after WW2 and sadly, so do terrorists and any despot government in the world. Yes his design was sound and he offered forth a weapon of simplicity that could survive and operate in harsh environmental conditions, but he was not the first.

This had been accomplished by the Australians during WW2 with the Owen Sub Machine Gun. Conceived in a 'shed' by a man from Wollongong, this proved to be the weapon of choice by soldiers in the field. Search a bit on the web if you are interested, it is well documented. This writer has talked to veterans who used the Owen gun. Quote from one soldier from the jungles of PNG -  " I would not be drinking this cup of tea with you had it not been for my Owen".