Helicopter Sightseeing St Petersburg

St Petersburg is definitely a city to go flightseeing in a  Helicopter. Add in the bonus (for all those aviation fans) of the chance to ride in a MIL 8.

What makes this such an attractive option is that the helicopter leaves from the central city. The helipad is at the Peter and Paul Fortress, a place most visitors will go to. For those that also want to visit the Artillery Museum this is right opposite.

In October 2014 the duration was 15 minutes for 3000 roubles. This writer first came across this opportunity in July 2013. I am advised that they operate every weekend subject to weather. Well worth the experience!

We can include this as an option with any tour, or you can just go there and queue.


Take off snapped from outside the artillery museum
Hermitage from a different angle!
Helipad at the Peter and Paul Fortress

Enjoy an aerial virtual tour of St Petersburg with this stunning 'panorama' photography. This is 'High Resolution' and is worth waiting for!! You can explore other destination from this site.