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The great cities of Moscow and St Petersburg provide a wealth of art, history and local character. Wild tribes first settled Moscow and later the powerful Czars of old Russia took up residence. St Petersburg was built as a bridge to the west by the autocratic and dynamic Czar, Peter the Great. It is a city built to mirror the grand architecture of Europe in the 18th century. These cities were, and still are, the centres of power and art of the Russian state.

This programme is designed to give;

  • optimum time in both cities.

  • complete flexibility - start in either Moscow or St Petersburg and

  • flexibility to stay longer.  You can add on extra nights, or shorten your stay.

Homestay Concept

  • are centrally located - no longer absolute CBD, next to the Kremlin etc, as no one with that level of real estate does homestay! All are central suburbs.

  • All are near public transport. Remember the Soviet system meant a lack of cars so public transport flourished.

  • represent the best value accommodation in Russia.

  • mean you receive your own room (some can cater for up to four people although most are suitable for two) and you are not in a dorm with people you donít know.

In addition, you receive breakfast. You can organise other meals with host and pay for these directly. This can give you a huge saving when compared with having to buy your meals in restaurants - in particular Moscow and St Petersburg. If you take your meals at the homestay you can negotiate the time you want to have the meal.

Probably the most important aspect is the fact that you experience something of everyday contemporary Russian life. Isnít that one of the main reasons why we all travel?

We pioneered homestay back in 1990 and have built up a reliable supply of hosts. This experience means we know what we are doing and you can have confidence with your homestay arrangements. The hosts are accountable to us.  You can change/upgrade to hotels if you wish, at an appropriate surcharge.

Living out a fantasy


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DAY 1:
Arrive Moscow (train station or airport #), where you will be met and transferred to your homestay, backpacker, or budget hotel.

Moscow weather facts.

DAY 2: Today you will be met by our guide and taken on a 3 hour introductory walking tour of the central sights of Moscow. This is a great way to learn about the public transport system, which is very comprehensive and efficient. The guided walk also orientates you to the main attractions and the central city layout - a good confidence booster for your independent sightseeing. Balance of day free. Note: if you arrive early on Day 1 this introduction will follow your check in to your accommodation.
Click here to view maps of the Metro..

DAY 3: Day for personal sightseeing or choose from one of our options as shown via links at the bottom of this page.

DAY 4: Day for personal sightseeing. Late evening departure by sleeper train to St Petersburg.

DAY 5: Arrive St Petersburg in the early morning where you will be met and transferred  to your accommodation. After depositing your baggage, you will be taken on a 3 hour introductory walking tour of central St Petersburg.
Again, a great way to learn about the public transport system and to orientate yourself.

DAY 6: Day for personal sightseeing or take one of our options.

DAY 7: Day for personal sightseeing.

DAY 8: Services end after breakfast. St Petersburg weather facts.

You can reverse the itinerary - no change to costs.

Add the 'Golden Ring'. you can incorporate one of our Golden Ring packages at Day 4. The return to Moscow (from the Golden Ring) can take you to the late train departure for the overnight to St Petersburg.

Itinerary can be reversed - no change to costs.

Exit Russia to:

The Baltics and Poland


* Arrival transfer both cities
*3 hours walking tour of both cities.
*6 nights accommodation.
*Breakfast included with homestay and budget hotel
*Overnight sleeper train 4 berth. NOT open  berthed carriages.
*Visa invitation.
*Comprehensive pre-departure information.
*All taxes relating to the services detailed.

Note: These costs are EUR as this is the currency Russia prefers to deal in.


Style of Accommodation Homestay Accommodation Budget Hotel Surcharges

Upgrade train from 4 berth to 2 berth +Eur97 p/p

Airport Transfer +Eur30 for up to 2 persons

More hotel package options
Notes about multi share carriages.

Room type Eur 593 p/p Twin Share Eur 675 p/p twin share
Room type Eur 849 Single Eur 1100 single
Extra night Eur 45p/p twin & Eur75 single Eur 42 p/p twin & Eur 84 single
  Backpacker twin and single   Backpacker multi-share room
Room type Eur 565 p/p twin share 2 people arriving Eur 441 p/p 8 bed dorm
Room type Eur 949 single room Single arriving Eur 557 p/p 8 bed dorm
Extra night Eur 50 p/p twin & Eur 102 single   Eur 29 p/p
      Downgrade to open share carriage minus - Eur47 from main price.

Overnight train compared to Daytime Fast train

We use the classic overnight sleeper train for the above basic packages. For many years this was the only sensible way to travel this route as day trains took too long.

There is now a new 'fast train' during the day which brings the journey time to around 4.5 hrs - services vary.

Why do we still use the overnight train?
The overnight sleeper train gives you maximum time to explore each city. The train departs either city late at night and arrives early the next morning at its destination. Therefore, you do not use daylight sightseeing time just sitting. This train also saves on a nights accommodation. You would not get a full 8 hours sleep on the overnight train. Considering it leave between 11pm and midnight and arrives between 0600 and 0700am, then you have the settle down and wake up time. So in effect it is a short sleep night, but it is some sleep and a saving on accommodation costs.

The train line between Moscow and St Petersburg is very busy and multi tracked. As it has been in operation for well over 100 years industry and towns have built up next to the tracks. It is not as scenic a route like the main Trans Siberian.

We can adjust the above programmes to use the day fast trains if you wish. There would be a change in costs (slightly higher) to reflect the extra nights homestay, hostel or hotel accommodation taking into consideration the difference in ticket costs between overnight sleeper and daytime fast train.

If you are a person who just cannot sleep on a train you might want to make this change anyway.

You can view both timetables FROM HERE to make your final decision.


Additional City SIGHTSEEING

* Excursions to surrounding areas - Day and Overnight
Extension to Novgorod
Extension to the Golden Ring
Click Links on right to read about the above


St Petersburg