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The More 'Unusual' Museums of Moscow!


Felt Boots Museum

A rather esoteric Moscow museum dedicated to traditional Russian winter footwear we know as felt boots or in Russian - valenki. The museum displays a variety boots from embroidered samples of the late 19th century to the boots used by the Russian team to the  2002 Winter Olympics.
Here you can also see more unusual interpretations such as a felt boot-mushroom, mouse and train.
This type of footwear, made from sheep wool, was widely used from the late 19th into the early 20th century amongst the peasant population. Today felt boots are popular once more with people wearing them in winter with designers taking amore artistic approach to their subject matter..

Ice Sculpture Museum

If you are looking for something unusual, you should visit the Ice Sculpture Museum in Moscow Sokolniki Park. It occupies an area of 700 square meters and exhibits beautiful sculptures fully made of ice. The sculptors used 800 tons of ice and 200 tons of snow to create the first exposition.
You will be able to go through a labyrinth, to see various creatures, flowers and fountains and even to visit an ice living room with interior elements – fireplace, table, chairs, mirror and bed. You will be offered an extra warm coat as the temperature inside is always -10°C.
This museum is highly popular among tourists as it can offer many opportunities for entertainment. The territory of the museum includes cafe and a special area for workshops and animation programs. You can book a guided tour for children (400-700 rubles depending on the number of children in a group and on the chosen program), an individual tour (2600 per person, including an ice sculpting workshop) and special romantic program (total price is 3800 rubles).

Address: Sokolniki Park (use signs in the park to get to the museum), “Sokolniki” metro station.
Opening hours: daily 11:00-20:00. The museum works all the year round.

Museum of New Year's Tree Decorations

This unique museum is the only in Russia which is fully dedicated to New Year's tree decorations. It is located in Klin, an old town in Moscow region.
The museum consists of 12 exhibition halls and two studios for creating Christmas toys, where the most interesting processes – blowing and painting - can be observed. Adults and children can participate in a workshop and paint a toy.
You will take a wonderful trip to the world of New Year's celebration and find out why people began to decorate New Year's tree with glass balls. At the museum you will see various Soviet toys, a huge fir tree, unique glass wartime toys and many other interesting things.
You can buy New Year's tree decorations at the museum's shop. Opening hours: daily from 9:00 till 18:00.

Address: 4, Staroyamskaya Street, Klin, Moscow region.
Opening hours: from 9:30 until 17:00. The last excursion begins at 16:00. In November and December the museum works only with organized groups. If you prefer a calmer atmosphere, please choose the period from January to October for this trip.
Days off: December 30-31, 2011 and January 1-2.
You can visit the museum individually in January on the following dates: January 5 (at 12:00), January 8 (at 10.00), January 15 (at 15:00). The museum works all the year round, expositions are unchanged.

Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

There is a museum in both Moscow and St Petersburg.

Now, 24 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russian families spend their afternoons here playing the propaganda arcade games of their youth, drinking increasingly hard-to-find sparkling beer from 1980s soda machines, and popping Soviet coins into strength-training and eye-coordination games that were approved by the Soviet government in the 1970s and 1980s as having “real” value to children. The museum has recovered nearly 60 games, many of which are the last remaining ones in the world.