Moscow Metro a Work of Architectural Art


Our walking guides will take you on sections of this fantastic system. With the introductory walk provided, in most of our programmes, our guide will show how the system works including obtaining a ticket and how to work the route map. This is not a comprehensive tour of all the stunning stations. You will need a longer walking tour to accomplish this. At the time of writing there is some English within stations, but not on the trains.



Nowadays there are seven unusual trains, having their own names, that you can meet in Moscow metro. Some of them are dedicated to significant military events, some aim to attract public attention to art and culture.

“Narodny Opolchenets”
Narodny Opolchenets is the oldest of the existing named trains in Moscow underground. It is dedicated to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, who built the metro. The train started operating in 1989. At first it didn't differ much from other trains, but the design was updated in 2006. Today carriages have the inscriptions “Narodny Opolchenets” and “1941-1945” and you can find information about the Great Patriotic War inside. The train runs on Zamoskvoretskaya line. It doesn't have its own schedule and operates together with other vehicles.
“Kurskaya Duga”
This train is dedicated to the significant battle of the World War II - “The Battle of Kursk”. It began to run in 2003, on the eve of Victory Day. The appearance of “Kurskaya Duga” is connected with the participation of armored train “Moskovsky Metropoliten” in the battle. It was built by donations from metro workers in order to help to defend railway from enemy attacks during the fight. The train runs on Sokolnicheskaya line without any fixed times schedule.
“Krasnaya Strela - 75 years”
The train appeared in 2006 in honor of the 75th anniversary of the first de luxe train “Krasnaya Strela” running between Moscow and St. Petersburg. It was the fastest and the most comfortable train before the emergence of Sapsan. The train is painted in red and yellow colors and presents unique documents and photographs telling about the history of the first Russian express. Two carriages were damaged as a result of terrorist attack on March 29, 2010, but they were brought back into service in May 2010. The train runs on Sokolnicheskaya line without any strict schedule.
Retro train “Sokolniki”
Retro train was launched in May 2010 to commemorate 75th anniversary of Moscow Metro functioning. Painted in colors of 1930 it resembles the first meto train. The unique design - soft leather sofas, sconces, bright yellow walls - makes carriages cozy and comfortable. Undoubtedly, it is the most wonderful vintage train you can see in Moscow subway.
The train runs on Sokolnicheskaya line without any strict schedule.
The first train “Aquarelle” is a train-gallery with reproductions of different paintings. At first, one could find there works of Russian artist Sergey Andriyaka and his students. Later the exposition was updated with masterpieces of the Russian Museum and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Today the exhibition consists of reproductions of paintings from the collection of the Vasnetsov Brothers Art Museum. The interior is not the only thing that is worth a look. An outside part of carriages is decorated with amazing images of flowers (peony, chrysanthemums, daisies, sunflowers). The unusual train brings new colors to routine life of passengers and makes their travel more bright. Even in the rush hours you can relax a little bit in such a train, meditate by looking at beautiful pictures and think about your inner world. The train runs on Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line without any strict schedule.

“Reading Moscow”
In 2008 Moscow metro prepared a special educational present for passenger – a train “Reading Moscow” with six carriages, decorated with quotations and illustrations from famous works of Russian and foreign writers.  On the walls of the first carriage you can read passages from Russian heroic epics and folk tales. The second carriage is dedicated to Russian classics ("War and Peace, by Lev Tolstoy, "Eugene Onegin” by Pushkin, "Notes of a Hunter" by Ivan Turgenev, "Masquerade" by M . Lermontov), the third one is designed for those who love stories about nature and animals. The fourth carriage is made specially for children, the fifth one is aimed at teenagers and the sixth one is devoted to foreign literature (Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, etc). The train runs on Koltsevaya line without any strict schedule.
“Poetry in Metro”
The last unusual train in Moscow metro aims to get passengers acquainted with various poets. The first selection of poems appeared in 2010 and presented the creative work of five Chilean poets (Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, Vicente Huidobro, Gonzalo Rojas and Nicanor Parra). Poems were written in two languages – Russian and Spanish. In June 2011 the train was renovated and started operating wih an Italian exhibition. There are passages from works of eight Italian poets (Dante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarca, Giacomo Leopardi, Ugo Foscolo, Eugenio Montale, Mary Louise Spatsiani, Umberto Saba and Giuseppe Ungaretti) as well as their biographies and photographs. The train runs on Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line without any strict schedule.