Izmailovo Market Moscow

Izmailovo became an art market where paintings, crafts, souvenirs were sold on the Serebryanka river bank in the XVII century. There was always, what Russians called, 'grannies stuff', empty perfume bottles and many other used things. So, in the beginning, peculiar and old fashioned articles have always been associated with the Izmailovo market. It is located not far from Partizanskaya metro station. The market works from Friday to Sunday, the main bargain day is Saturday because traders come from different regions of Russian. There is a mixture of stall types from car boot loads scattered over a table or from the car in some alleys. Then here are the permanent tenant kiosks with more exclusive goods such as antiques and tourist souvenirs.

Soviet memorabilia (both real and reproduction), lacy collars, old magazines, books, photos, gramophone records, coins, icons decorated with gold and silver frames (remember it is illegal to export genuine antique icons without proper paperwork), items of furniture, beaded purses, lamps, fans and even fur skins. Be careful of fraudsters especially regarding icons!! The flea market is a great place to touch things from different periods of Russian history and look at a wide range of items which illustrate everyday life within Russians from the 17th century through to the 21st century.

This writer first visited in the winter of 1991/92 and found a collection of carved wooden tree decorations. They were a mix of biblical and Russian folk characters. We still use them to this day and many have asked, "where can I get some of these"?

Izmailovo is great, but you want to be more ambitious head to the flea market, Levsha (get there before 11am!). It has much more of a free-wheeling, yard/garage sale vibe.
It is much harder to get to than Izmailovo. We drove and it was pretty terrible. There is a train from Leningradsky Vokzal, or we can incorporate this into a sightseeing programme with a car..