Eliseevsky - Foodhall Food Emporium Moscow and St Petersburg

Eliseevsky, one of Moscow's oldest grocery stores, celebrates its 115th anniversary in 2016.

Grigory Eliseev, the founder, was already a prominent businessman in the early 20th century. His luxurious food halls in Moscow and St. Petersburg survived the Soviet times and are still operating, but after extensive renovation.

In 1901, the newly opened Eliseevsky store amazed Muscovites with its exotic range of product. Naturally the store was firm favourite among the Russian elite who indulged its imported wines, fruit and cheese.

During Soviet times Eliseevsky was renamed Gastronom №1 and sold delicatessen products a rare venue during a time of constant shortages. During the hungry 1930s it was the only place in the USSR where you could buy pineapples.
The Eliseev Emporium in St. Petersburg opened in 1903 taking up residence in one of the majestic empire-style buildings on the premier street, Nevsky Prospect

In 1917 Grigory Eliseev lost his business when the Bolsheviks nationalized it. He escaped to Paris, where he died in 1949. At least he got to live in a city that was an inspiration for what he created in both Moscow and St Petersburg.

The newly renovated Eliseevsky Emporium in St. Petersburg has been open since 2012 and reflects the past splendour of its early 20th century life.