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Suzdal is a wonderful ancient town with fantastic architectural monuments from its vibrant past. Suzdal takes the crown with regard to 'fairy tale' town. Suzdal feels like you entered part of the Dr Zhivargo movie set. This small town is often what people think they are going to see all over Russia - and don't.

During the time of the Soviet Union, nearly all of Suzdal's economy was planned around its tourist potential. As a result, very few modern buildings were constructed in Suzdal (by law there are no structures more than 2 stories high except cathedrals). Also, a number of wooden structures from other parts of Russia were transported here, and the whole city was converted into an 'open-air museum'. Unfortunately, Suzdal's dependence on tourism also meant its economy nearly came to a standstill when tourists stopped coming after the fall of the USSR. The town's tourist trade has been revitalised, mostly due to an influx of Russian tourists from Moscow and elsewhere.

Suzdal retains a rustic atmosphere. You will not find any McDonalds restaurants or Western chain shops here.    Expanded history notes
Ancient food storage from floods Wooden building museum
Bell Tower Bell ringer

Bell ringing


Rich church interiors and beautiful choral singing

Imposing Walls Monastery of St. Euthymius Wooden Church in Museum
Museum attendant Street corner in town
Shopping in Suzdal

The most popular souvenirs to pick up in Suzdal are bottles of the local honey mead medovukha as well as the usual local Russian crafts such as birch wood items, Russian dolls and Russian winter felt boots called valenki. Small souvenir markets can be found in front of every tourist sight in the town.

Down at the market square at weekends you can also find lots of babushkas selling their own local produce such as pickled vegetables, jams, pies, honey and medovukha depending on the season.

If you would like to pick up something extra special head to the shop in the Dmitry Pozharsky arch inside the Monastery of St. Euthymius. They sell hand-quilted items made by local women and you can pick up anything from cute oven gloves to absolutely stunning full quilts with intricate designs that have taken months to make.