Golden Ring Hotels

Our hotels have been selected for their location and character. The two restored classic 1970's Soviet style, have been renovated into the 21st century, but still maintain some icons of that period. The most dominant features of that era are the overall external design. Many room features from the era have been incorporated into the redesign.

The boutique hotel in Suzdal is a modern built establishment based on traditional country design and materials.
Whilst ever endeavour is made to secure these hotels they can be booked out and we would then substitute with a hotel of similar levels.

Yaroslavl Hotel

Our hotel is very central, overlooking the river. It is a fully restored Soviet era hotel. The exterior has that classic retro look of the 1970's. There is a comfortable lounge and bar area and a large restaurant. On our recent visit we considered walking to some of the streets that had restaurants, but then thought we should try the hotel venue. We were glad we did!

The Golden Ring packages are based on a standard room. It is possible to upgrade to the rooms with a 'historical view'. For all our clients we will put through a request to the manager to 'upgrade', subject to bookings when you arrive, at no extra cost. Or, you can ask us for the surcharge to guarantee this.

Standard twin, or single style room Standard double room. Note retained Soviet era parquetry floor!

Standard room bathroom

Very good onsite dining!! Left plate is River Pike (fish) with potatoes on a cream mushroom base. Right is a bowl of classic Russian Pelmeni. Then we have a sour cream/dill sauce and of course a glass of Georgian Red! Starters had been consumed prior to photo. Cost of what is shown (October 2014) - about Euros16
Upgrade room. Larger area and great view! Upgrade room has larger bathroom
Suzdal Boutique Hotel
Clients Email 05/05/2016

Hi Marie,

In Suzdal & thoroughly loving it. Such a pretty place. Accommodation excellent.  Regards Gayle & Greg 

This hotel is a purpose built small boutique hotel. It is constructed in the classic Russian country log cabin style. Facilities are excellent.

From above Left and then clockwise: Main entrance: Public lounge area: Ensuite bathrrom: Typical bedroom:

There is a small breakfast room, but no onsite restaurant. There are a range of restaurants within walking distance. The basement has a substantial sauna setup and this requires pre booking.

Kostrama Hotel

Another restored Soviet era hotel, overlooking the Volga River and again in the centre of town. As with most Russian hotels there are saunas available. A Highlight is the roof top bar/cafe area affording good views of the city and river.

Standard twin Standard double
Standard single Roof bar cafe area

Standard room bathroom