We offer a selection of packaged programs. In addition, we create private itineraries to Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Private itineraries can range from fully inclusive to "infrastructure only".

Few areas of the world can evoke such a "must visit" desire, as this pivotal region of history, art, cuisine and culture. The cradle of the major Western and Eastern religions, as well as home to the greatest ancient civilisation known to man, is now easier to visit than at any time before. New flight connections coupled with improved diplomatic relations between the nations in the area, provide a great window of opportunity for the inquiring traveller.

From our earliest school memories we have heard great tales about the ancient Egyptians. Now is the time to sample in reality what has remained in our minds as a dream.

We offer a comprehensive service for those wanting to visit this region. We have either lived - and/or - travelled throughout the area. From backpacker to deluxe, within our office someone has done it. Our information resources contain the full range of brochure products available, and should your interest be with an escorted tour program, we can help you decide which is best suited to your wishes. If, however, you do not want an escorted group tour, we can construct a private program for you as an individual, or with your travelling companions. This program can be a fully inclusive, privately guided program, or one of our practical "infrastructure" programs.

Read this well written article published in the West Australian newspaper. A factual account, good journalism as well as good travel writing. West Australian.



Some travellers want to have a basic framework of land arrangements made in advance, and then choose the finer details when they are actually there. They realise that planning a proportion in advance like this saves time and inconvenience, which in turn saves money. It can also improve your personal travelling security. Also, the fact that we can deal with all levels of accommodation means a program can be designed to suit all budgets. A majority of brochure tour product will not include the 3 & 2 star level accommodation because the people designing the programs have not had personal experience of this level, or have access to a regular supply of "feedback" information from travellers.

So, if you want a fully escorted group tour and want to know which one represents true value and visits the best sites, we can help. If you want an economical and practical infrastructure program, then study the following pages.


If you are involved with a business or interest group and you want to organise a private tour for your own group, we can help you assemble a unique program.


Due to our local contacts, we can assist business travellers. All this in addition to making effective land arrangements.
Conference or incentive groups - tap our experience for that unique programme.

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Due to personal experience of diving the Red Sea,
we can advise on the premier dive operations in this region.



For a total escape from the "normal" style of travel to this area, try trekking with the "Bedouin" into the mountainous Sinai Desert. Home to the stunning ancient monastery of St Catherines and the land of the 10 commandments. Sleep under the stars in a desert oasis, meet a people and lifestyle hidden from all tourists and most travellers. Bedouin Food.


Not recommended for Egypt and Syria (but can be arranged). However, Jordan presents a different picture. The country is smaller in area and has a smaller population than its neighbours. Couple these statistics with a main road network which is in good condition, and self drive becomes a very viable option.

Touring Programmes


The following are some samples of what we can offer you with regard to Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. They are all recently constructed private infrastructure programs and could be copied or varied.


  Egypt & Jordan Insight Cairo Stopover
  Special group tour Egypt and Jordan 2015  

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