Fishing (Angling) in Ireland

Ireland's rich network of canals, loughs, rivers and surrounding sea, offers ample opportunities for coarse angling, game angling, sea angling, river trout fishing and pike fishing. An angling holiday is not only a time to catch fish and learn about new waters, it is also an opportunity to learn new skills and refine existing ones.

Fishing in Ireland

Salmon, trout and sea trout are native species with an honoured place in Irish culture, and Ireland's lakes and rivers have preserved their character in a landscape which has changed very little over the centuries. The Irish coastline, almost 5,000km miles long, is washed by some of the cleanest and clearest seas in Europe. It is also one of the most varied, with dramatic cliffs and many miles of wide strands. Ireland also has some of the cleanest and most lightly-fished freshwaters in Europe. The Irish landscape is one of small fields and wild peat bogs, littered with lakes of all sizes and drained by many rivers - with the result that there are over 11,000km of riverbank for the coarse and pike angler. The pike is one of the most widespread of Irish fish, and pike fishing is as old as Irish angling.

Learning to Fish
There are a number of angling and fly-fishing schools around Ireland where a beginner can learn the rudiments of the sport and the experienced fly-dresser will benefit from the opportunity to tie traditional and modern Irish flies. The following subjects are usually covered; tackle selection; the theory and practice of fly casting; wet fly, dry fly and nymph fishing, fly tying etc.

In the Republic most coarse fishing is free and along with brown trout requires no State Licence. A licence and generally a permit to fish is required for salmon and sea trout fishing and these are available in various denominations ranging from a season to a day to suit the length of your stay. In Northern Ireland a licence is required for coarse and game fishing. These are available from many outlets who can also give details of permits required.

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