Whale Watch Kaikoura New Zealand

Whale Watch Kaikoura is one of the great success stories of New Zealand tourism, providing access to the worlds best Whale viewing and maintaining the highest degree of ecological control. This writer (Brent), a native of Christchurch, remembers seeing the whales and just considered them 'part of the furniture'. Never did he realise the success a commercial venture could bring!

During Brents early sailing days he journeyed from Christchurch to to Kaikoura and remembers seeing the whales from a yacht. In 2011 Brent finally got to sample the Whale Watch. Back in the 1990's, when another opportunity presented itself, the weather was too rough. He then took a light aircraft sightseeing flight that flew around whales at about 1000 feet in altitude. Quite good views and a good alternative for someone who knows they could not face a boat ride!

If you have the budget and the time this is a 'Must Do'. Whale Watch.

You can see where the name 'Land of the Long White Cloud' came from! This stunning coastal region is a true Mountain to the Sea environment.

The feature that makes Kaikoura the worlds best Whale viewing venue is the unique situation where there is a extremely deep trench just off the coast. This provides a 'food garden' for the resident whales and consequently they are there year round!


Whale Fluke part 1 Whale Fluke part 2
Whale Fluke part 3 Whale Fluke part 4


Hector Dolphins Birdlife abounds


Up close and personal

Whales to the left Whales to the right! A range of other wildlife are also encountered.