Waimakariri Jetboat

The Alpine Jet

Front row is the best seat despite the wind chill factor!
Brent with daughter and niece, no that is not ice just the grey beard peaking through!

Arriving back from the rode and time for a last 'spinnnnnnnnnnn'!!!!!!!!!!!

The Waimakariri River springs froth form the mountains of the Arthurs Pass region winds it way through rugged gorge ultimately spreading out as a wide braided river across the Canterbury Plains to the Pacific Ocean. The river engages trampers (hikers), farmers and fisherman.

It is also a very attractive river for jetboats and whilst most people donít own one anyone can join a thrilling boat ride up part of this river to the centre of its largest gorge and then safely back to your parked car!

Nowadays most people will have seen a jetboat on television. Yes you get to experience those stunning spins and rapid acceleration. Waimakariri Jetboats is the closest ride of this style to Christchurch.  It is alos the only way to see the upper river and central gorge from this angle. During the early stages of the ride you can also see the rail track that carries the famous Tranz Alpine railjourney, quite a feature of engineering in its own right.

Jetboats offer you the chance to experience many varieties of natural landscape within a short timeframe from a very different angle. Throughout New Zealand you can have many opportunities, from the scare thrill canyon skimming near Queenstown to the Huka Falls near Taupo.

And please donít forget the Jetboat is a New Zealand invention. Another wonder of engineering dreamt up by a high country farmer looking for a way to get to his sheep in remote areas quickly!