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LOR_eldoras.JPG (40269 bytes)As most of you are aware New Zealand was where the film trilogy was made. New Zealand has transformed itself into Middle Earth and Hobbit Fever pervades!

We will, over time establish links to various outlets and enterprises related to viewing old sets and/or land scapes used in the filming. Naturally there are some publications relating to this idea and we will also attempt to put you in contact with these.

I, the author, have already visited a couple of sites. I was travelling along the motorway from Wellington to Upper Hutt and my driver obligingly stopped at an old quarry, in the emergency lane, to view a section of the Hutt River (near the golf corse) that were used in the filming. One has to have a vivid imagination to relate these particular sites, but it was still a 'buzz'! The above photograph shows myself (middle) and two fellow enthusiasts on the top of the small peak used for as the film site for the Village of Edoras. Please note - genuine Hobbit sticks! Also, is there a correlation between LOR fans and beards??

NEWS BREAK. Genuine Hobbit Sticks arrive in Australia! Unique to Passport Travel Melbourne. Brent now has his own Hobbit Sticks. One for the office - now that would look good walking along Glenferrie Rd, and a bunch in the 'Entrance Hat and Coat Stand' at home. Visitors can now wander through the bush and National Park with a unique walking stick! How come? It is one of those 'in the know' stories!

The following two pictures show Brent and son Daniel dressed in a genuine Hobbit Cloak - with Hobbit sticks! these were taken at Staverley New Zealand on 15 July 2004 whilst visiting Warren and Marrita who run Tussock and Beech Eco Tours. They are very close to the film site of Edoras and Helms Deep - note picture on wall behind.


An older Hobbit
Notes: Genuine Hobbit cloak and Stick.
A young Hobbit - real hobbit hair!!!

To visit the area shown in the above picture you should stay with Warren and Marita Jowett at their Staverley Bed and Breakfast. Warren then takes you by four wheel drive into the interior to visit the sites around Mt Potts Station and Erewhon which feature very strongly in the last episode. At the time Warren was the ONLY person (aside from the owner) who has a key to access the gates allowing a four wheel drive trip across to the hill which was used for Edoras. He is was also the only one to have been shown the way through the braided river network, should he need to get the vehicle onto the flanks of the mountain itself. this would be for visitors who could not manage the walk. Warren is also an expert on the flora and fauna of this region and your trip will be embellished with stops, to and from, that others will not receive.

2012 Update

Things have changed and due to the popularity of visiting the LOR sites a special walkway has been completed so that people don't 'get their feet wet'! Sigh, this is progress, I did like the exclusivity of the afore mentioned adventure, but am happy to see a protected environment

Read an interesting article about how Wales may have influenced Tolkien in his creation of LOR..
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Our first link relates to some touring programmes to the site of the Hobbiton Village. A nice idea, but I think the farmers who own the property have established a high 'price point' for their entry ticket. Hopefully they will realise that NZ$150 for a family of four is a tad high for the majority of the travel market. However, each will have to make up their own minds!       

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Hobbiton Tours

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The definitive guide book to the movie locations!!

The number one best selling book in New Zealand at present!
"Lord Of The Rings Locations"
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Our SPECIAL link page to the New Zealand Tourism  Departments 'Lord of the Rings' section.
An incredible range of information including suggested driving itineraries to include some of the movie sites.
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