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The Antarctic Expedition begins prior to our trip; through a specialized debriefing session we indicate the characteristics of the flight, the places we will be visiting, the recommendations for the care of the environment, and the necessary steps to take in order to protect this ecosystem. Our mission is to enjoy nature without causing any damage to it. We board our airplane early in the morning. First of all, we check the weather conditions and if they are favourable we will leave heading south towards our destination.

During our flight, we will be crossing the Strait of Magellan and continue over Tierra del Fuego Island, the Darwin Mountains and its glaciers. Islands will only compose the landscape we will be observing until we reach Cape Horn and the last rocks of the American continent. On the way to the airport of Frei Base, to which we get in three hours time, we will already be anticipating the Antarctic with excitement. After a four-hour trip, we finally arrive at the airbase, where we will be visiting the establishments of Villa Las Estrellas (Las Estrellas Village), the wild fauna reserves, the glaciers and other attractions offered by this place.

Baleen whales, Orcas or Killer Whales, Sea Lions, Weddel Seals, Antarctic Seals and Penguins compose the fauna, which feeds on the Antarctic's rich waters. The famous Adelie penguins are the main species, but you will also see the Papua Penguins, Antarctic Penguins and many other kinds. The harshness and variability of the weather makes an amazing contrast with the facilities of the scientific stations and most of all with Villa Las Estrellas, first site to be inhabited by civilians. Our destination is Frei Base, established in 1980 under the name of Teniente Rodolfo Marsh, which together with the Presidente Frei Meteorological center inaugurated in 1969, is one of the main meteorological and navigational stations in the Antarctic. President Frei inaugurated the last one and after that the air strip was extended to accommodate heavy aircraft.

The scenery, fauna and marine life are the main attractions for the tourist; this place is one of the few in the world that has remained untouched by men, this is why it constitutes one of mankind's most important biosphere reserves. To comply with the strict rules and regulations of environmental preservation, An application for an evaluation by the Comision Nacional del Medio Ambiente (National Environmental Commission) has been submitted for these expeditions, resulting in approval of the project. You are a part of that effort.

Once we have landed in the Antarctic, we will unpack and move to our new accommodation.




Visit Villa Las Estrellas, its facilities and meteorological .

Visit the Sea Lion colony in the Drake Sea in a hike across the runway towards the beach.

Lunch and/or snack depending on the place and time of arrival.

A walk to the Chinese Station to observe marine birds, penguins and Weddell Seals. Try to coordinate this visit with the low tide which will allow the isthmus to be revealed and therefore be able to cross over to Ardley Island, where Papua Penguin colonies live.

On the following day we will visit the many Antarctic Research Stations and we will be able to speak to the investigators. During the day some time is left to see places of special attraction and
prepare our return.

As members of an expedition, during our visit to the Antarctic Peninsula we shall make it our duty not to step on the vegetation and protect the fauna.

Our homage to nature will be our legacy to future generations.


There is no other place in the world as amazing as he Antarctic. This is a continent almost completely submerged by ice, which not only conceals its topography, but has also influenced its evolution.

Covering an area of around 7.000.000 km©˜ the Antarctica is the second smallest continent after Australia. However, its mountains cover such a significant area that it makes it the highest, in average, of the seven continents. It is also the windiest, coldest and less populated of the planet.

The ice sheet covering almost the entire Antarctica represents the largest fresh water reserve in the world, containing around 90% of the world´s ice and 68% of its water. But precipitations in the Antarctic are very low. The annual rainfall is only 5 cm average; if we considered this fact this would be the world's largest desert.

Geographically, Antarctic includes the continent itself and its adjacent islands. According to the Antarctic Treaty signed in 1959, the Antarctica jurisdiction applies to the region between the parallel of latitude 60 and the South Pole.

The search for the Antarctic was one of the last great adventures during exploration times. It is an epic story dating from centuries ago, since the Terra Incognita (Unknown Earth) of the old explorers, all the way to the first sightings of the continent in 1820.

This continent was first discovered by whale hunters, in search of wealth; and later by the great explorers of the glorious and heroic era: Ernest Shackleton, Douglas Mawson, Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott amongst others.

SEASON 2014 / 2015

Wednesday 26

Monday 01 – Thursday 11 - Tuesday 30


Tuesday 27

Tuesday 10 – Friday 20
MARCH 2015
Friday 06 – Tuesday 17 – Saturday 28

Minimum and maximum 06 passengers in King Air.
Minimum 33 and maximum 60 passengers in BAE 146.


Saturday 06 – Friday 19 – Saturday 27
Sunday 04 – Viernes 09 - Wednesday 14 – Monday 19 - Saturday 22
Friday 06 – Sunday 15 – Monday 23
MARCH 2015
Sunday 01 – Wednesday 11 – Sunday 22

Minimum and maximum 06 passengers in King Air.

For Bookings and Confirmations:
50% Booking deposit to confirm reservations.
Balance due 90 days prior to departure date of flight.
This Charter flight does not include clothing.

As the place to visit is considered to be a Reserve for Humanity, it is strictly forbidden to waste or drop any kind of rubbish, for this reason our company has prepared some special containers . It is also forbidden for passengers to visit protected areas and during the entire trip you must follow the tour guide instructions and those given by the Villa´s authorities.

Note: The programmed departures can be delayed or cancelled according to weather conditions, with no responsibility of airline operator. The Services provided start at the moment when the flight takes off; and they end when we arrive at the airport in Punta Arenas. (The Presidente Ibañez airport)

Passengers should have valid insurances with a broad coverage.

BAE 146

Beechcraft King Air

Also available for Antarctica is a
Cessna Citation Executive Jet

Model C 550 S/II Executive and pressurized.Cruising altitude: 39,000 feet
Máximum ceiling: 43,000 feet Autonomy: 5 hrs Speed: 780 km./hr.
Capacity: 7 passengers. Toilette, air conditioning, music, phones and snack bar.

Rates are available upon request.