Tasman Glacier Ski Plane Landing Mt Cook National Park New Zealand

Family holidays took Brent to the South Island of New Zealand for some skiing at Cardronna. On route, south from Christchurch and with STUNNING weather conditions, Brent had arranged a surprise scenic flight. Aside from the fact that the Mt Cook area is remarkable in its own right, one can fly in a unique aircraft! The STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) capabilities of the famed Pilatus Porter make this a MUST DO for those with an interest in aviation!

With clear skies and NO WIND (even at high altitude) flying conditions were perfect allowing us to fly close to the peaks. Landing and take off from snow is a thrilling experience and this aircraft is made for the job! After take off from the Glacier, the aircraft flew back along the ridge of the Southern Alps and along the face of Mt Cook. The next experience was a Pilatus Style Steep descent!

Nose forward, throttle back, full flaps, then bring the prop pitch into 'reverse' and the aircraft almost behaves like a helicopter! Seat belts meant you did not slide off your seat, and the angle of descent is not dissimilar to that experienced on a roller coaster, albeit more sedate!!! 

On your trip to New Zealand you could experience the grandeur of Mt Cook National park, and the thrill of flying in a Pilatus.


What it is all about! Clawing UP in the Pilatus! Silence is golden!
Happy snap with a Pilatus Porter, Brent and the family. What it is ALL ABOUT No 2 !!! West Coast and Tasman Sea from the Spine of the Southern Alps New Zealand

Short history of the first ski plane to land on the Tasman Glacier which was the FIRST aircraft equipped with ability to change between 'wheels' and skis'.
A New Zealand invention which celebrated 50 years in 2005. CLICK TO READ