Special Visitors Page.

Here we record some interesting people who have visited us and/or flown on our aircraft.

Recently (05/06) DEFAT - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade asked if they could bring Mr Kanak Depak to see our aircraft. He was here as a guest of the Australian Government and aside from his important media and journalism connections in Nepal and Asia he is a DC3 Enthusiast and a member of the Nepali Dakota Society, of which we knew nothing!

Logical really, the DC3 was the first commercial aircraft to operate in the Kingdom of Nepal in 1947. Again, as with many other countries in the world this aircraft spawned their own airline industry. We are now in contact and will learn more about their group. Now would a charter to Nepal be a great idea! Oxygen masks for the pilots and the passengers would just have to pant!

Kanak Depak with our then chief pilot John Dorward


11 January 2003

On behalf of my father & sisters - Horton Davies, Jill Davidson & Ann Brain, thank you to all the "crew" at Air Nostalgia for the experience of the Great Ocean Road flight on 11 January. Dad will continue to enjoy the photos, video footage and memories for a long time I'm sure and it was a very emotional experience for him to be back in a beloved DC3. We certainly know what to give him for future birthdays and Christmases. Even though I didn't get to fly I enjoyed the experience from the ground and a big part of that was meeting all of you. As promised here is a copy of the photo I showed you of Dad taken at Milne Bay in New Guinea. The photo was taken in late 1943 or early 1944 and pictured L to R are - Horton Davies - Pilot, Bill ____?__ from WA - 2nd pilot, crew member ____?___ Thornton from Colac and WWI pilot Mac who was checking the manifest. Dad was in the RAAF's 36 Transport Squadron at that stage. Dad can remember that as the photo was being taken Mac asked him - "Hort, what's your wife built for - comfort or speed?" The photo was taken by an official photographer from a government department.

Sue Everett...

Left picture: Horton Davies with his crew beneath the 'Old Girl' 1944              With his young girls and the 'Old Girl' 2004


11 January 2004

Ewart Wilton joined us for a flight down memory lane. During WW2 service Ewart was a test pilot and amongst the many aircraft types he flew was the DC3. The aircraft were shipped to the Middle East/North Africa and assembled. It was his job to take them up on their first flight to make sure all the bolts had been tightened!!!! Trust your mates - Yes Sir!!
This picture shows Ewart, on left, with his son Chris.