Have Kilt Will Travel

When Scots travel to balmier climates full highland dress can be a bit on the warm side, as well as being a touch impractical. In addition, there is little use of a beach towel at home. No wonder such an accoutrement has proved An enterprising Scotsman, obviously after his gap year to Australia, had a brain enlightenment! So after due design diligence and Chinese machine magic we have the Insta Kilt!

beach towel doubles as a wrap-around kilt, for after-pool or after-shower moments.

Made from thick cotton along with sizes and colours designed for men, women and children, it makes an ideal gift, or practical holiday essential.

Whilst this website is 'home office' you will find distributors world wide. This writer found his in a bagpipe shop in the South Island of New Zealand!! I am an equal opportunity person and would also visit a banjo shop!