Star Trek Vulcan Alberta Canada

Mr Spock creates hype around Vulcan Alberta-Canada for Star Trek XI

When the original Mr Spock, Leonard Nimoy publically expressed his disappointment that Star Trek XI would not be premiered in his fictional planet of Vulcan, a small town in Alberta, Canada, sharing the same name became an even bigger Trekkie experience in the eyes of fans.

The town of Vulcan, sits at the western edge of the Canadian Badlands, one hour south of Calgary, and is recognised for its coincidental science fiction relationship to Star Trek and Mr. Spock’s home planet.

Open year round, the unique Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station is designed to look like a landing spacecraft.  As guests enter the building, the stars and nebula of the Trek Station’s floor to ceiling space murals have visitors feeling like they have stepped into outer space.  

Each year Vulcan in Alberta-Canada hosts a Star Trek Convention, which will fall on June 12-13 in 2009, attracting hundreds of Trekkie dressed visitors from around the galaxy to descend onto the town for a weekend of extra-terrestrial excitement.

The community-wide Star Trek Convention features a street parade, a Mr Spock stage for fashion parades, and a chance for fans to showcase their imaginative objects being art, literature, photography and film that they have created to celebrate Star Trek.  The event opens with a meet-and-greet reception, where fans can rub shoulders with Star Trek celebrity guests, and it closes with a Roddenberry Masquerade Party.

Celebrity guests for 2009 include Barbara Marsh who played Klingon Lursa, the elder sister of B’Etor, of the House of Duras, plus Suzie Plakson who played the Vulcan Selar, the half Klingon, and Alexander’s Mother.   Also attending is Gwynyth Walsh who played Klingon B’Etor, younger sister of Lursa of the House of Duras.   Like Barbara Marsh, Gwynyth also appeared in the movie Star Trek: Generations, and in several series episodes.

In addition to carrying tourist information about Vulcan County, the Trek Station is also home to a number of unique science fiction and Star Trek inspired attractions.  Guests can experience a Vulcan Space Adventure Virtual Reality Game, get dressed up in costumes designed to represent Star Trek cast members, and have their picture taken in life-sized Star Trek character cut outs on the main bridge of the Star Ship.  Visitors can also admire an 800 plus piece collection of Star Trek memorabilia, donated to the town of Vulcan by the family of Albert Cave - a long time Star Trek fan and Vulcan enthusiast.

The town of Vulcan has also teamed up with Alberta South tourism destinations to develop a Time Travel experience of the Past, Present and Future


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